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Deceit (DCT)

SWE> Zyron (Johan Astrand, music, 11/90).

Deceit was apparently a Sweden-based demo group.
  1990 - Zyron's "Zyron Music-Collection #1" [11/90] was released late

  Zyron Music-Collection #1 (1990, 26.11, Musicdisk).
  code/gfx/music: Zyron.
  review: Well, this first attempt at a music collection is probably as lame
  as these things come. It has a text plotter, a scroller and 10 songs.
  Sound like anything you've ever seen before? =) Yeah, there's a million of
  these out there, and you need better songs to be noticed among the crowd.
  I guess this collection is noteworthy as Zyron's first collection, since
  he later got a lot better, and had considerable success in other groups.
  The scrolltext mainly deals with Zyron's teenage love for a girl called
  Maria, which one of the songs is also named after. It put a smile on my
  face at least, guess we've all been where Zyron was when he was putting
  together this, eh? Those ten songs in full, then; "Fighting", "X-Mas Mix",
  "Galaxian Contacts", "Ninja Remix", "Lame", "Paranoia", "Maria",
  "Depressed", "Digital Force" and "Maximum".
    The entire collection is exactly 200 blocks, spanning 12 files
  (executable, replayer, and 10 songs). The tunes were written using
  SoundMaster 1.0, as admitted in the scroller. He desperately wants a new
  composing progeam. No wonder. ;) [glenn]