Defiance (c64)

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POL> Rico (Rafal Likitarczuk, code, 95).
???> Akadem (pol? music, 95), Als (pol? music, 95), Jester Kyd (pol? gfx,

  Jester Kyd's Graphics Collection (1995, Disk slideshow).
  code: Rico, KM/Taboo (loadsystem), MMS/Taboo (packersystem), gfx: Jester
  Kyd, music: Akadem (intro), Als (main).
  review: Jester Kyd? Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? I'm only
  guessing, but that's nearly stealing the name of someone LEGENDARY on the
  Amiga scene - Jesper Kyd/The Silents. And seeing as he was a musician, I
  simply don't get it. Hmm... Anyway, onto the production itself: Not all
  that fabulous, I'm afraid. He's retreading old ground here, making
  versions of old Boris paintings we've seen done ten times over - and a
  small surprise. He's actually gone and done a version of Fairfax/Pure
  Metal Coders' picture "ZZ.Madman", winner of The Gathering graphics
  competition 1994! Hmm... Unfortunately Jester Kyd is not even a very good
  graphician. Most of these pictures are of the 'switching between two pics
  very very fast to give the impression of more colors/resolution' variety.
  Don't. [glenn]