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Dekadence (DKD,

FIN> Britelite (Peter Halin, code gfx music, also in Scallop, 11/97-04/03),
     Jaffa (design, 08/99), Player One (music, 08/02), SounDemoN (Otto
     Jarvinen, code music, 08/02).
POL> Phase1 (gfx, also in Creators, 11/02).
SPA> Almighty God (Domingo Alvarez, also in F4CG and Level64, 11/02).

Dekadence is a finnish demo group.
  2003 - Britelite contributed a very good intro for Oxyron's "Attitude #5"

  Beertime (1999, 07.08, Demo).
  code: Brite-Lite, gfx: Brite-Lite, Jaffa (design), music: "Starfall" by
  Brite-Lite. 4th in the Assembly 99 demo competition.
  review: Apparently, this is DKD's first ever production, a short (both in
  running time and size) dentro entirely presented in monchrome and grey...
  but still not depressing in any way ;) The best thing about this small
  production, imho at least, is the absolutely fabulous tune. "Starfall" was
  also submitted to the music competition this year, where it won the
  competition, and it's not hard to see why. Graphics are very average,
  mostly logos, and the code is basic but effective. Effects are mostly
  dithered 4x4 effects like plasma-like stuff etc. Overall, this leaves me
  with a good feeling and a desire to play "Starfall" in the background
  while writing a lot :)
    At least on my disc, the demo was accompanied by a note, as well as
  Brite-Lite's contributions to the graphics and music competitions at
  this party. The note was written using FlashNoter v1.2 by Whiplash/TDR in
  june 1994. Britelite also contributed to Scallop's 2nd-placed demo "JAQ"
  [08/99] at the same party. [glenn]

  Beertime II (2001, .08, Demo).
  3rd in the Assembly 2001 oldskool demo competition.

  My Kondom (2002, 03.08, Multiload Demo).
  code: Britelite, Droidi/Haujobb [pc], SounDemoN (loadersystem), gfx: Sir
  Drink-a-Lot, Xhale/Haujobb [pc], Britelite, Visualice/Haujobb [pc] (part 3
  loader picture), music: "My Kondom Part1" and "Tamagotchi2" by Britelite,
  SounDemoN. Cooperation with Haujobb.
  2nd in the Assembly 2002 oldskool demo competition.
  review: A rather unexpected event was the release of this demo from
  Dekadence in cooperation with top PC demo group Haujobb - one of their
  coders even releasing his first (to my knowledge) c64 with this demo! I
  only wish it had been a better demo, though. MK is a demo best viewed from
  a distance, since close up (and personal) the shortcomings of the 'every-
  other-line-blacked-out' videomode chosen for most of the effects becomes
  blatantly obvious. I guess this demo looked a lot better on the bigscreen
  than it does in the sharpness of a pc monitor... The best part of the demo
  is some passable graphics, most notably the title picture and Visualice's
  b&w loader picture. The music is awful throughout. Sorry, guys, but that's
  the truth. Monotonous and unexciting. Overall, this is an average demo
  release that shows promise, especially in terms of design. I'll certainly
  be looking twice at anything new these guys produce... And let's hope
  their next release will be slightly better ;)
    The demo includes a note written in an awful, old noter; OctaNoter by
  Morris/Extacy from 1993. The note contains nothing extraordinarily
  interesting, just a couple of additional credits not mentioned inside the
  demo. The name of the demo is an obvious in-joke on a previous demo;
  Haujobb and Scoopex' The Party 97 winning amiga demo "My Kingdom". For the
  sake of history, that demo was also hjb's first big success.