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DELI NEWS Issue #1

Welcome to the first Issue of the DELI NEWS

This Text is about the DeliTracker and contains Information about all areas of Amiga Music-Scene.

This is the first issue. I hope that there will be a few more. If you have any questions concerning DeliTracker or any tunes don't hesitate to write, or if you want to hear your favourite tune from a game, simply send a mail to my address with the name of the tune and then in a couple of days or a week you can get it from Kuckucksnest or any other MAX-BBS.

In this issue there is unfortunately only information about DeliTracker. The next issues will of course contain other information.

New players for DeliTracker

" CustomMade " DeliPlayer by Ivo Zoher

Game music by Ron Klaren from games such as: Battle Squadron / The Plague There is at present 12 titles available.

" Suntronic " DeliPlayer by Felix Schmidt & Holger Benl

Intro music by Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Felix Schmidt The music format was developed in 1988 and also the tunes are from 1988 until 1989. Suntronic was used in a couple of Cracktros by DefJam, Paranoimia, Oracle and some other groups.

" Jason Page " DeliPlayer

Made by Andrew Braybrook & Jason Page

Game music and sound effects from Uridium 2 and other games, developed in 1989-1993

" Tim Follin " DeliPlayer

Made by ??? Game Music by Tim Follin. One of the the best Gamemusic-Authors of the first Amiga Generation. He has made a couple of great tunes for classic games such as: Ghouls 'N' Ghosts, Bionic Commando. I have found a couple of tunes in Demos, but unfortunately I have not got the original names for those.

This was a little visit in the neverending land of DeliTracker players. In the following issues I will describe a couple of more players which are available for DeliTracker.

Toccata Noteplayer

Peter Kunath, Author of the great sound-player DeliTracker, has made another great innovation for this player. Due to the Toccata NotePlayers it is now possible to send all the outgoing signals through a Toccata sound card. All Modules sounds more bright, S3M Modules have the same quality as on PC's with soundblaster or Gravis Cards. Furthermore all data is stored in Fastram where the Toccata card fetches its data, therefore you have Chipram free for other programs to use. It should however be mentioned that the card with the present software configuration takes a lot of cpu-time. The minimum hardware configuration needed is a 68020 Processor and ofcourse also the Toccata itself.

Headphone Noteplayer

The previously mentioned Peter Kunath is at present developing a special noteplayer for people with headphones. Unfortunately I have no further information about this. If I find out more, I will write more about it.

DeliTracker V 3.0 ?

From not yet confirmed rumours there is a new GUI for DeliTracker under development. Unfortunately the "second man" Frank Riffel has left the DeliTracker project, and therefore it might take a while before there are some more concrete information available.


!!NOTE!! This Document was translated by Spectral/Tulou (Jonas Nyren). And since neither German or English is my native language it is quite possible that there are some mis-spelled words or some grammatical errors and I apologize for those. However as a whole I think you understand what I have written, if not I must take some courses in English :-)

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