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DELI NEWS Issue #3

Welcome to DELI NEWS

News and old news about DeliTracker and the Amiga Music-scene. From all areas.

If you have any questions concerning DeliTracker or any tunes, simply write me a note. Or if you want to hear your favourite tune from a game, simply send a mail to my address with the name of the tune and then in a couple of days or a week you can get it from FlowerPower BBS, in the DeliTracker directory.

New players for DeliTracker

" TFMX " DeliPlayer

TFMX, "The Final Music Xchange", is a Music editor which is developped for Chris Hülsbeck. The song data - the actual notes, is separated from the samples and soundeffects. To be able to play these tunes in DeliTracker both files must have special names, in order to be found at all. For example: "Apidya" mdat.Apidya and smpl.Apidya. The file does not show up in the filerequester, because it doesnt work by itself. That file only contains the instruments. It is important that it says SMPL. before the names of the sampledata for each tune. The name after the dot must be identical with the name of the MDAT.File. There are 3 types of TFMX. One is called TFMX 1.5 for which I only have the tunes from Rock 'n Roll. The remaining ones are TFMX Pro and TFMX 7V. The '7V' stands for seven voices, for example the title tune from Turrican II.

" Suntronic 2 " DeliPlayer (Review)

By Holger Benl & Andy Silva

I have written that some Suntronic Soundtracks were written by Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway. This is however not true, all tunes were programmed by Felix Schmidt. This information have i gotten from a phonecall with Felix himself. He has also sent me all of his tunes and replay codes. Felix Schmidt have stopped working on the Amiga since 1990. Now he has taken a small detour to Archimedes and finally landed on PC, and is trying his luck there.

Why another Suntronic Player ?

During the making of the first player there occured an error. This was due to the different construction of some Suntronic Musicfiles.

A noteplayer is under construction. With such a thing it would be possible to play all the tunes on a Toccata.

At the moment over 40 Soundfiles is available in this format.

FlowerPower and DeliTracker

After a happy chat with Christian, I succeeded in convincing him to create a special BBS for DeliTracker. There you will find all new tools, and soundfiles, which are connected with DeliTracker. I hope this BBS is already running :-)

MusicDisk Review

Cryptoburners Musicparty 1990

A wonderful musicdisk by Cryptoburners (CRB). It was created already in December 1989, but i find that the soundtracks are very nicely composed. So far have only 4 titles out of 7 been used in some BBStros and on some demopacks. Noone probably listened through the whole musicdisk, but I did and of course all the tunes are still on the disk after that.

All Soundtracks where made in the months between new year and autumn 1989. The playtime of the whole disk is more than 30 minutes !

Title Composer(s) Original Composer
2010 Survivel Blackstar & Trixal KITARO 1986
1989 Ei Kule TimeTraveller & Blackstar
Flying High Rhesus Minus KITARO 1986
Isis Unveiled Watchman & Trixal KITARO 1986
One on Two Rhesus Minus KITARO & VANGELIS
Stunning Lightning von Trixal
Wings Blackstar 100% KITARO 1986

All the tunes have pretty good samples, partly based by Original soundtracks from Vangelis & Kitaro.

More Sounds ??

This part could be interesting for anyone with a CD-ROM, or anyone planning on getting one. Some of you are probably longing for some new modules. For that purpose there is a couple of good CD's. I will introduce you to a few here, and try to write my thoughts about them.

CD Title Description
Aminet CD #4 A really good solution is found on this CD. All the mods are sorted by style and are reached through AmigaGuide. They are all played through DeliTracker and therefor Christian Bucher included his trick box. The number of really good, and also new Mods on this Aminet CD is really high. The mainpart of the software is only useable on Amiga. "Nummero UNO"
Multimedia MusicBox A pure Musicdata CD, for IBM aswell as Amiga. It contains over 500 MOD, MIDI and VOC files, Players for PC's, and a few WAV samples. About the modules it must be said that they cannot compete with todays standard. The newest Mods that i found, were from 1991.
TOWN of TUNES Another CD which can be used on both Amiga and PC. On this CD there is 1000 Mods which are really good, and cannot be found on other CD's, also on the CD there are 500 MIDI files. You who really want the newest soundtracks should get it/listen to it. "SUPER"
Euroscene 1 This CD contains the most Mods. Over 2000 tunes. The oldest one is from 1991. Further there is also over 400MB of scene demos on it. Some mods are sorted by authors, others are sorted by certain events. For the one who wants to become a part of the modscene, this is the right way. For PC users that haven't installed OS/2, this CD is useless. All filenames are longer than 8 characters.
Music Box 94 Actually a CD for PC's but that doesn't matter. It contains over 800 mods made in the USA. The VOC files are of no use for amiga users, since they are meant for PC soundcards.
Sounds Tereffic A double-CD. The first one only contains mods. Around 3500. The other one contains MID files, players and editors. One CD for Amiga and PC with software for both computers is available.
SoundSide CD This one contains about 1500 mods and 500 MID files. All the data is prepared for a Mailbox-operation. A big Catalogfile facilitates this. The special thing about this CD is where it comes from: Iceland. Result, many more modules in surplus.

More musicfiles is available on the 17Bit CD 1 - 4. But only as executable demos or intros. This CD serie is only for Amiga. All files are packed with DMS !

Should anyone of you find another CD, which contains modules, that person should extend this list. All the CD's are available from Amiga shops, and the price is between 19 DM and 59 DM.


The program to modify samples, Soundscope, which i told you about in the previous issue costs: 4312 Mark, and is made for MacOs V7.

Samplitude Pro

I will order Samplitude now. We can see later how many that wishes to participate. For recording only Toccata and Maestro are used.


!!NOTE!! This Document was translated by Spectral/Tulou (Jonas Nyren). And since neither German or English is my native language it is quite possible that there are some mis-spelled words or some grammatical errors and I apologize for those. However as a whole I think you understand what I have written, if not I must take some courses in English :-)

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