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Depredators (DEP,

???> Charlie (ex Lazer, new 01/91), Enjoy (03/90), Hero (crack, new 02/92),
     Maestro (supply, new 02/92), Motorbreath (crack, 91), Yaemon (swe?
     music, 02/04).

Depredators was originally a cracking group.
  1990 - Hewitt joined from Dunex around february. RRR was apparently kicked
out around february, for stealing originals and starting a minor war with
Paramount. Infocomie (11/89-) and Hewitt moved on to the newly formed Class
in may. Pri/Duplex and Myth/Trans-X joined in december.
  1991 - Charlie joined from Lazer around january.
  1992 - Maestro (supply) and Hero (crack) joined around february.