Depth (c64)

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Depth (2002-)

Depth are a demogroup, active in the past on the amiga and pc, who made
their first feeble babysteps on the c64 with the release of the small intro
"Partyscroller" at the Solskogen party in june 2002. :)

  Partyscroller (2002, 29.06, Intro).
  code: Mermaid/Creators/Crest, gfx: Sprocket (logo), Allanon (font), music:
  Slumgud. 3rd in the Solskogen 2002 demo competition.
  review: Hehe... :) Well, it's their first attempt at anything on this
  machine, and at such it works. It's essentially just a logo, a
  textplotter, a scroller and some sprites, but as it is it's not all bad.
  Let's hope Depth decide to do more on this machine! :) A special mention
  must go to Slumgud; this is NOT AT ALL bad for his first ever sid tune!