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Digital Designs (DD)

NOR> Abbot (Arne S. Kilde, swap, new 02-09/93), Buddha (Truls Moe Lundgren,
     gfx swap, new 12/92-09/93), Proxxon (Rolf Runar Bakke, code swap, old
     handle The Pretty One aka TPO, new 12/92-09/93), The Meatball (Øyvind
     Antonsen, aka TMB, mainorg code gfx swap, 03/92-09/93), Yuggoth (Tore
     Sjøvaag, code gfx swap, old handle Lloyd, 04/92-09/93).
SWE> Father Dagon (Stefan Myrnes, code gfx swap, 04/92-09/93).

Digital Designs were a talented Norwegian demo group, with one central
Swedish member, Father Dagon. They were originally just three members
(Shark, The Meatball and Father Dagon) but in the course of 1992 they also
recruited Lloyd and, at the very end of the year, Buddha and The Pretty One.
This lineup completed the demo "Quaternion" which was made at an internal
meeting in Bergen around new year 92/93 and released 01.01-1993.
  In february 1993 they recruited one further member, swapper Abbot,
bringing the member count up to 7. In may they released what was undoubtedly
their finest demo so far, "Jerkland". Not much happened after that, except a
couple of members changing handles and the release of the catastrophic
"Komagutt" [09/93] demo.

1995 - The group changed their name into Unlight around january. [This is probably
not correct, sources indicate that the namechange was performed even before the
summer of 1994, check csdb]

Unlight merged with the swedish group Delta and changed their name into Ambient.
A very short time later the new group Ambient died (after just releasing
a few cracked games) when the leading members (Taper, Quorthon, The Meatball, Father Dagon and
Disaster) joined TRIAD instead.

Norwegian coder and musician Shark (04/92-09/93) changed handle to his real
  name Glenn Rune Gallefoss and joined Shape and its music subgroup Blues

  Techno Chaos (1992, 19.04, Multifile).
  Released for the Phenomena and Light Easter Conference 1992 demo comp.
  code: Father Dagon, The Meatball, Lloyd, Shark, gfx: Shark, Father Dagon,
  The Meatball, Lloyd, Pal/Offence, music: Shark, Richard Rinn/independent,
  Joachim 'Jack/ATG' Wijnhoven.
  review: They complain that this demo (their first) is not all it should
  have been, but I   think they're shortchanging themselves; there are
  certainly a lot of redeeming points to this production! Lots of good
  graphics (though not in the "Jerkland" quality zone), and some excellent
  exclusive music make this everything but a bad demo. There is nothing
  really outstanding either, but it is rather a nice collection and
  certainly good enough for a first try! Not bad at all. They mention Lloyd
  as 'their newest member'. [glenn]

  Midnight Coffee Break (1992, .12, File).

  Quaternion (1993, 01.01, Multifile).
  code: Lloyd, Shark, The Meatball, Father Dagon, gfx: Lloyd, Shark, The
  Meatball, Father Dagon, Pal/Offence, music: Shark.
  review: DD's second demo was made and released during the course of an
  internal meeting the group held in Bergen around new year 92/93, and is
  actually a small disappointment after the excellent "Techno Chaos" (04/92)
  demo. There is some nice stuff here too, but nothing in that league. This
  is a pretty average demo with a few nice touches.
    This demo announces the joining of their two new members Budda and The
  Pretty One (TPO). The first tune appears to be the same "Neverending
  Story" cover that was also used in "Techno Chaos"! [glenn]

  Jerkland (1993, 30.05, Multifile).
  code: Father Dagon, Lloyd, The Meatball, The Pretty One, Shark, gfx:
  Buddha, Father Dagon, The Meatball, Pal/Panoramic Designs, Shark, Haakon/
  Shape, Lloyd, music: Shark, Bluez' Mus (Kristian Røstøen, E. Sommersten).
  9th in The Computer Crossroads 93 demo competition.
  review: With this, their third demo, DD has accomplished what is actually
  a true work of demo art - this one's got a real high degree of
  entertainment! Everything about "Jerkland" is top notch, from the great
  music to the fabulous graphics to the ace code. There's DYCPs galore,
  filled vectorcubes and... well, what can I say? All music appears to be
  exclusive, and almost each and every tune is a pearl. I'm speechless.
  Just download and leave me alone :) [glenn]

  Komagutt (1993, 07.09, Multifile).
  review: This is not a seriously meant demo, and contains little of
  interest. It was made at an internal group meeting in Nedenes, Norway,
  with some 'humourous' elements that are totally unfunny. Not a good demo.
    The disk I reviewed also contained a nice musicripp of the "Last Ninja
  2" music done by Proxxon. [glenn]

  Jerkland II (Demo, 2 disksides).
  Released 1994 (TCC 1994, Sweden)