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Domination is not a group per se, but a diskmagazine made up of members from
several other groups - with main editor Jazzcat as the remaining member.

  Domination #1 (1994, .08, Diskmag).
  INT - code: Shades/Shazam, Grize/Shazam, gfx: Rob/Camelot, music:
  MAG - code: Shades/Shazam, Grize/Shazam (packers), gfx: RRR/Oxyron (main),
        Calypso/Amnesia^Silicon (chars), music: Morbid/SCS+TRC, Red
        Devil/Fairlight, Zyron/Antic, Doxx/Noice, editor: Jazzcat/Legend.
  review: Domination is an Australian mag, with a certain focus on the
  cracking scene. The intro that opens the mag is very basic, just a picture
  with a logo that appears gradually overlayed on it, and some music. When
  you press space, music starts playing (IRQ loader) while the first article
  loads. The mag itself is OK, with two normal RRR logos, and a useable
  charset. The mag is read with joystick only, on a text across the top half
  of the screen that you scroll up an down. The lower half is occupied by a
  logo. Pressing fire brings you to a menu where you can choose an article
  or a different piece of music. The music options are quite cool, actually
  - in addition to four tunes, you also get the option of switching to a new
  piece of music for each new article you read, thus lessening the tendency
  of boredom with the music. All music presented in this mag was made
  exclusively for it, which is nice. When you've chosen an article, the
  music starts playing first, while loading the rest of the article. Nice.
  The font used for reading is a standard, nonproportional 8x8 pixel one,
  which limits the mag a little - but then again, this was 1994...
  Contents of this first issue is more than fair. In addition to the normal
  sections like the editorial and the news section, you can read a release
  chart, a normal chart (best single cracker etc), interviews with Bacchus/
  Fairlight, Jeroen Tel (!) and NME/ex Illusion. The rest of the mag
  contains uninteresting articles about real life (sex and drugs), as well
  as two full pages of contact addresses. Overall, the first issue of
  Domination is a nice package. It occupies an entire diskside. [glenn]

  Domination #2 (1994, .10, Diskmag).
  INT - code: Grize/Shazam, gfx: Vodka/Fairlight, music: "Black Side of
        Love" by Megamyx/Storm.
  MAG - code: Shades/Shazam, gfx: RRR/Oxyron/AFL (logos), Calypso/Amnesia/
        Silicon (charset), music: Morbid/SCS+TRC, Parson/Equinoxe, Peace/
        Noice, X-Radical/Chromance, editor: Jazzcat/Legend (main), Steve/
        Avantgarde, Splatterhead/Chromance, The Mercenary/Empire, Freestyle/
  review: Most of what is true about the first issue, reviewed above, is
  also true about this one. The graphics and design for the mag is the same,
  and works in a similarly standard fashion. It's a good magcode, plain and
  simple. The focus of this mag is on the cracking and board-scene, and as a
  result the reading material here is of a limited interest today (except to
  us who have taken upon us the impossible task of editing things like
  scenery ;). It's extremely news-focused, with little in the way of feature
  articles. The most interesting read this time is the interview with JCH/
  Vibrants, a real insightful piece and a lot better than the other two
  interviews featured this time (Cyborg, sysop of 'DREAM PARK', and
  Kingfisher/Triad) which are much more standard in both their questions and
  their answers. This is a fair issue, with good handiwork but lacks long-
  term appeal. The intro is just a b&w picture and a scroller. [glenn]

  Domination #3 (1995, Diskmag).

  Domination #4 (1995, .06, Diskmag).

  Domination #5 (1995, Diskmag).

  Domination #6 (1996, .01, Diskmag).

  Domination #16 (2001, .12, Diskmag).
  info: Single-sided issue.

  Domination #17 (2002, 25.11, Diskmag).
  INT - Dane/Crest, Iopop, Twofloweer.
  MAG - code: Doomed/Padua, Hogoo/Padua (irq loader), MMS/Taboo (packer),
        gfx: Sander/Focus (graphics, font), music: Dane/Crest, DJB/Onslaught
        /BM and Agemixer/Skalaria, Orcan/React, Intensity/Onslaught/COS, S.
        Town Boy/MSL, Trident/Active, Gerard Hultink, Merman/People of
        Liberty/ROLE, editors: Jazzcat/Onslaught (main), Raver/Phantasy/DCS,
  review: After opening with a stylish and unusual intro, Domination - the
  mag with the best outfit in the scene right now IMHO - lets you get down
  to one of the best scenemag reads in recent history. Among the editorial
  gems presented this time is interviews with Hi-Lite/Padua, Iopop/Triad,
  Phase1/Dekadence/Creators (though it contains the errorful information
  that he hails from Poland, when in fact he is finnish), reports from Phat
  2 and North Party V7.0. In addition comes a whole host of other, various
  articles. Simply one of the best diskmags since... well, since the last
  issue :) While the intro itself flashes three names onscreen - Dane,
  Iopop, Twoflower - the mag lists Dane as the sole contributor of the
  intro. Some wires must have gotten crossed here ;)
    The exclusive music this time is, in order of appearance; "Politik &
  Science" by Dane/Crest, "Call of Ktulu" by DJB/Onslaught/BM and Agemixer/
  Skalaria, "Breakpoint" by Orcan/React, "Open Your Eyes" by Intensity/
  Onslaught/COS, "Nervous Breakdown" by S. Town Boy/MSL, "Domination" by
  Trident/Active, "The Waves of Rythm" by Orcan/React, "Chaotic" by Gerhard
  Hultink, "Pessimism" by Merman/People of Liberty/ROLE and finally
  "Exemption" by Intensity/Onslaught/COS. [glenn]

  Domination #18 (2003, 20.04, Diskmag).
  Released at Breakpoint 2003.