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Dominators (DOM, -1993)

DEN> Bishop (swap, 03/92), Cosmo (swap cosys, 87-93), Dogfriend (crack,
     01/90-93), Ghost (Kristian, swap supply, 01-02/93).
GER> Deff (Mario, editor, ex Enigma, new 02-03/92), Jack Daniels (Tobias,
     editor, 02-03/92).
USA> Mutant-X (ex Avatar, later Alpha Flight 1970, new 03/92), Slayer (sysop
     'TUNNEL OF WAREZ', old handle Narcissus, 02-03/92).
???> Animal (crack, 02-03/92), Hulkster (02-03/92), Rooze (02-03/92), Silent
     (02/92), Zoolook (crack, 11/87-03/92).

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 02/92) -

DEN> Ace, Fox (gfx, ex Bonzai, new 12/90), Kid (Danny, 11/89), Mitch
     (Thomas, code, new 10-11/89), Tron (Rene Sørensen, swap, 87), Viking
     (swap, 87), X-Zaw (code crack, 06/87).
HOL> Grizzly Adams (Willy Voesten, gfx, ex TTT/Actual Trading Generation,
     91-92), Pavarotti (Paul Kessels, code, 92), Smidas (Roland Hermans,
     code, 92), Whizz (Ramon van de Laar, code gfx, 92).
NOR> Gene (ex Illusion, new 01/91).
???> Ninja (ex Genesis Project, new 12/90), Pet (ex Nato, new 01/91), Sonny
     (ex Bonzai, new 07/90).

Dominators are a mainly Danish demo and cracking group with a rich history.
Their cracker Dogfriend has since made it big in the pc cracking scene with
his group Class.
  1987 - in november danes Parsec (Dennis Fantoni, code), Spirit (Tom
Iversen, code), Cosmo and Pinky (code) all left the group to form Danish
Demo Design (3D), a group which never released anything. It appears Cosmo
later returned to The Dominators.
  1988 - They were reinforced with the entire group Wizax in november.
  1989 - They coarranged a party in Randers, Denmark in december with
Trilogy and Upfront. Nemesis (crack) left for Talent, and thus became part
of the newly born Ikari and Talent cooperation, in december.
  1990 - Early in the year, Stanz left the group, since he knew there were
plans to kick him. He first joined Rizing but soon moved on to his old group
Zeropage. Macro-Nit left the group due to problems with Dogfriend early in
the year. Sex'n'Crime #21 [12/90] reported that after Macro-Nit rejoined the
group from Nato, and Dogfriend left since he and Macro-Nit are on unfriendly
terms. He would return to the group early the following year.
  1991 - The early part of the year saw recruitment of Danish cracker Duke
from Ikari+Talent, Icecube kicked, and the reappearance of cracker
Dogfriend! Dutch graphician TTT/Actual Trading Generation also joined this
year, under his new handle Grizzly Adams. In december several key members
left the group to form Deadline, they were Derbyshire Ram (crack), NME
(crack, old handle Jade, 06/90-02/91), Rebel (crack, 05-06/90) and Icecube.
  1992 - Danish Macro-Nit was kicked a short while after the release of
Corruption #11, and will move to the pc scene from now on. Deff/Enigma
joined around february, taking over some of Jack Daniels' contacts and also
joining the Corruption staff as a second main editor. Danish swapper Bishop
first appeared on the memberlist in march. In american news, Narcissus
renamed back to Slayer and Mutant-X joined from importing partner Avatar
when that group died in march. Also in march, Duke was arrested by the
police, and charged with fraud. All his computer equipment and his disks
were confiscated. It is believed his career in DOM ended here.
  1993 - Danish Duke left the group to form Gridpoint with his brother
Dr.Zivago. Twist (02/92-) joined Trance, while Janec decided to take a break
in may. Finnish cracker Rockstar left for Talent around june. Idol joined
Pandora in july. Dishy (supply, ex Chromance) left for Fairlight in august.
The whole group finally died around august or september 1993, as a result of
a declining ability to produce cracks. Almost 1/3rd of the group's members
joined the army around this time, and most of the remaining members formed
Dominators on the pc. Danish sysop Tricket ('DOMINIC', 91-) took his board
and joined Visual Reality, although he is also in Dominators on the pc.

  Christmas Party (1989, late, Intro).
  code: Mitch, gfx: Fox/Upfront, music: Klaus Grøngaard.
  review: This invitation intro is basic but still cool, most helped by the
  cool graphics from Fox. The rest of it is just a sprite multiplexer in all
  borders, very cool, and a scroller detailing the party. Nice. [glenn]

  Coruption #11 (1991, Diskmag).
  info: The news item regarding Hysteric's member Mr.President was a
  misunderstanding; he is still in the group.

  Corruption #12 (1992, .03, Diskmag).
  code: Mick, gfx: Fox, music: JCH/independent, editors: Jack Daniels
  (main), Deff (main).
  review: This mag appealed a lot to me, both visually and audially. After a
  pretty standard intro, the main article selection and reading part has a
  good, colorful logo and a readable font, making for a pleasant reading
    As for the editorial content, the mag is well-written, by editors with
  an eye for detail - this shows especially in the very long news-section,
  which is written in a compact yet informative way. However the news in
  this issue spans a very long time, some of it detailing events that took
  place as far back as december of last year. The english is not always
  spot-on, but I've also seen far worse. The articles are split into the
  following sections; Editorial, News'n'Rumours, Charts, Video Reviews
  (why???), The Duel (the diskmag equivalent of hatefilled notefiles),
  Champions, Reports (party reports from the DOM-SCS party and The Party
  91), Amiga Corner, Mish Mash, Boards of Boards (bbs news), Face to Face
  (interviews) and finally Advertisements. Most articles concentrate on the
  illegal side of the scene. News that Bonzai had died can not be said to
  have been accurate. Coder Mick and Fox are NOT featured on the memberlist
  inside... [glenn]

  Royal Touch (1992, Multifile Demo, 539 blocks).
  code: Pavarotti, Whizz, Smidas, gfx: Grizzly Adams, Whizz, music: Johannes
  Bjerregaard/independent, Charles Deenen/Maniacs of Noise, Jeroen Tel/
  Maniacs of Noise.
  review: The dutch division of Dominators delivers a pretty good demo here,
  featuring most of all some good graphics work. None of the code is
  revolutionary, but they do display a certain sense of design, and the
  color-cycling scroller was nice and original. They don't seem to feel so
  much bound by the normal design 'rules', and does things their own way.
  Something that is a little sad is that all those little files on the disk
  are NOT extra parts, they are 1-page graphical jokes for the endpart,
  which comes way too quickly. I feel they could easily have done away with
  most of these in favour of some more real parts, but...
    The disk also contains an own-coded note which doesn't really serve any
  other purpose than filling up the disk, since it contains no new
  information that we can see... Text in the note does lead me to believe
  that this is a sort of 'farewell scene' production from the producers.
  It was probably NOT released at a party, no text indicates this. Exact
  release date unknown. [glenn]