Doom's Day Party '94

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Doom's Day Party 94 was a demo party.

08-09.10  Doom's Day Party 94.
DSD94 was held in Ettlingenweiler, Germany by by DCS, Skid Row, Zig Zag Corp
and World of Twist. It was the first party held in southern Germany for
years. Unfortunately for the organizers, it was not the expected success. Of
the expected 700 visitors, only about 250 showed up. 11 pictures, 36
modules, 6 demos, 4 tools and 1 game were submitted to the competitions. The
c64 and snes competitions were cancelled due to the fact that no entries
were submitted. Rebels were not paid money for their winning demo, since it
did not comply with the rules of the competiton (required 030). Version 1.2
was released later and was fully 020 compatible. The Party lasted only 13
hours, 8 hours less than promised, and therefore only 4 hours into the 9th.

· Information from Party report in ROM #2 by Andy/Essence.

amdemo  1.  Rebels "Switchback".
        2.  Haujobb "Jammin'".
        3.  Trackers "Letmaelk II".
        xx. Birdhouse Project "More Members Intro".
        xx. Bonzai "Gimme Alcohol".
        xx. Shrimps Design "Revelation".

gfx     1.  Syncros "Planet E".
        2.  JMS/DCS "Muz63".
        3.  Andre/Alpha Flight "Guardian".

music   1.  Laxical/Scoopex and Chrylian/Dreamdealers "Iron Wheels".
        2.  Dreamer/Shoot "Real Kaoz".
        3.  Chromag/Rebels "Chromag Unplugged".
        xx. Dascon/Essence "Dooms Day".
        xx. Mel'o'Dee/Rebels "Whales Forever".
        xx. Pink/Abyss and $ceptic "Global Confusion II".
        xx. WOTW/Haujobb "Highway to Hell".

tool    1.  Crazy Copper/Defect "Art Pro".
        2.  Flake/TRSI "Virus Workshop 4.2".
        3.  Zytech/Exterminators "Dxsf".
        4.  Knacksoft/TRSI "Dir-Cutter" & "Dir-Deleter".

game    1.  Bonzai.

other   Abyss "DisIsSid issue 1" (amiga chippack).
        Haujobb "Derrick" (amiga intro).
        Haujobb "Legalise It 2.5" (amiga musicfile).
        Shoot "Doom's Day 94 Slideshow" (amiga).
        Smurfers "Megademo 2" (amiga).

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were released at Doom's Day Party '94.

Demo Year Group(s)
Switchback 1994 Rebels
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