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Switchback screenshot
Composer(s) Andre Greve (main tune and Voodoo People tune)
Timm Albers (endpart)
Group(s) Rebels
Released At Doom's Day Party '94
Music Format(s) The Player 6.x
Year published 1994

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Download archive Demo/Greve_Andre/Switchback.lha
The music played during the rollercoaster sequence is a cover of "Voodoo People" by The Prodigy, from their "Music For The Jilted Generation" album.

Filename File Size Composer Demo Year Group
File List Indent v2.png p6x.rebels_switchback_endpart 113720 Timm Albers Switchback 1994 Rebels
File List Indent v2.png p6x.rebels_switchback_main 191096 Andre Greve Switchback 1994 Rebels
File List End v2.png p6x.rebels_switchback_voodoo 118930 Andre Greve Switchback 1994 Rebels
Friday 15 November 2002 (Kyzer): Added to collection
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