Doughnut Cracking Service (old)

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Doughnut Cracking Service [old] (DCS, -1991)

ENG> Nosah (editor 'Iguana', ex Zenith, new 12/88), Tri-Dos (Paul, crack,
     ex Ikari, later Paninaro, new early89).
???> Jog (code, ex Pulsar, new 08-12/89), Mik (eng? crack, 06-08/89).

Boards; LAST RESORT (usa, 88).

DCS was an English cracking group, active since at least 1988.
  1989 - English cracker Tri-Dos joined from Ikari early this year. Jog
joined from Pulsar in december.
  1990 - Hendy (eng, ex Zenith, new 12/88) left for the amiga section of the
group, while Mik will return to the c64 after a stay on the amiga - both
around february. Parsons joined X-Ray in december.
  1991 - The group sadly died in january.