Dual Crew (c64)

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Dual Crew (DC)

SWE> Creeper (code gfx, 07/92), Dutch (Mikael Gustafsson, swap, ex Triad,
     new early93), Metal Maniac (code gfx, 07/92-08/02).

Dual Crew was a Swedish demo group.

  Gunnar-2: Galne Gunnar (1992, 25.07, Demo).
  code/gfx: Creeper, Metal Maniac, music: n/a.
  Winner of the Assembly 92 demo competition!
  review: I must confess I was mildly disappointed with this winner demo
  from Assembly; it doesn't really contain much that says 'winner' at all.
  It's a very average demo, with the main selling point being its inclusion
  of two parts with samples of 'real-life' music (Metallica and Nirvana).
  Owning a sampler does not a democompetition winner make ;) Hehe... But
  ofcourse the facts speak for themselves, and this demo DID win the
  competition, so... Just don't expect anything mindblasting. No credit is
  given for the non-sampled music used in the demo. [glenn]

  Leifi! (2002, 03.08, Demo).
  code: Metal Maniac, gfx: Cupid/Padua (logo), music: "Rambo" by Martin
  Split 10th in the Little Computer People 2002 demo competition.