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Dunex (DNX)

DEN> CS (code, 02/93), Kazar (org crack, 04/91-02/93), Reas (Rune Lorentzen,
     swap, 02/93), Spikes (org crack gfx swap, 04/91-02/93), The Authentic
     (Søren K. Sørensen, swap, 01-02/93).

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 02/93) -

DEN> Zensonic (crack).
???> Chief 1 (ex Spench, new 02/90).

Dunex are a Danish cracking and demo group.
  1990 - Chief 1 joined from Spench around february.
  1991 - Circumstancial evidence leads us to believe Danish cracker Exulans
left for Atrix around january this year.
  1993 - The group went into cooperation with Brutal around february. Doyle
left the scene around the same time.

  Use Your Illusion 2 (1992, 28.12, Demo).
  Released for The Party 92 demo competition.