Dynamix (new)

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Dynamix [new] (1989-1991)

GER> The Model.
SWE> Sledge (sysop 'WARES AQUARIUM', new 09/90), Stanz (ex Triad, new
???> Bad, Chris, DJ-Kat, Dope, Factor-X, Lawyer, Leroy, Mike, Rebel,
     Success, Tronic (code, 10/90), Vok, Yankee (ex Systems, new 05/90).

Dynamix was reborn in december of 1989, with most of the original members
save for MCA who decided to stay in Success. Wawen joined shortly after
from Genesis Project.
  1989 - Both Murdock and The Syndicate was busted in december, on charges
of using calling cards. Roy rejoined the group from Success, also in
  1990 - Mok left the group around february, and will from now on stay
legal. February also saw Citizen leaving the scene, as well as Tape and
Storm joining from Nuclear, and Mr.German leaving the group for Unicess.
May or june saw the group reinforced with Visual/Fairlight (gfx) and
Yankee/Systems. Visual's stay in the group was short, and he moved on to
Science 451 around august. Stanz was kicked from Triad in september, and
rejoined his old group Dynamix.
  1991 - Storm and Tape left the group around january. Then, in april or
may the group died, and most members - including Roy (code), God (crack)
and The Syndicate (code crack) - joined a new group called Victims with
members of Extasy!