Eagle Soft Incorporated

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Eagle Soft Incorporated (ESI, 1981-)

USA> Kombalar (Chris, new 07/87-01/88), Mitch (crack, 12/87-09/88), Rik
     (crack, 11-12/86), Simple Solutions (new 01/88), The Head Librarian
     (John, 12-01/88/87), The Music Man (new 01/88), Tinman (new 01/88).

Probably the oldest pirate group in existence anywhere (and certainly the
first americans doing their own cracks!), ESI was actually formed in 1981
on the VIC20. They released cracks for the c64 as early as at least 1986.
In their crack of "Ace of Aces" dated 9/4/86 (probably meaning september),
they listed three members named By-Tor, Scorpio and 'Me' (we're guessing
Rik), as well as two boards, DATASHACK I and DATASHACK II. For a long time
they had the only decent American c64 cracker, Mitch.
  1987 - A crack released in mid july announced Kombalar as a new member.
  1988 - A crack released in mid january announced three new members; The
Music Man, Simple Solutions and Tinman.