Empire (c64)

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Empire (EMP, 1991-)

USA> Mercenary (fix, 09/94-09/95), Problem Child (ex ATC, aka PC, new 91-
     08/91), Rich (06/91-09/94), Sorceress (sysop MYSTIC CAVERN, 92).
???> Booze (code fix, 06/91-09/95), Intruder (code, 92), Mayhem (06-08/91),
     Sequencer (music, 08/91-92), The Crumbsucker (06-08/91), The Extremist
     (06/91-92), The Last Dragon (code, aka TLD, 06/91-92), Tristan
     (cardhacker, new early91-05/93), Vizz (fix, 09/95).

Boards; CHANNEL ZERO WHQ (usa, also in Action, 06-08/91).

Empire was an american importing groups, doing trainers and fixes on
european game releases. They were born in the first months of 1991,
probably around april. The original members were Extremist, Rich and Booze,
but two additional recruitments were quickly done; wellknown original
supplier Problem Child/ATC as well as card hacker Tristan. Mercenary and
Rich are brothers.
  1991 - The group was in importing partnership with Action in at least
  1993 - Tristan rejoined the group in may, but the november issue of "The
Pulse" reported that he was gone again, possibly back in prison some say...
  1994 - American sysop Mizar/ex Napalm (MENACE 2 SOCIETY) joined around
september; the board also represents Genesis Project. There were also
rumours that legendary fixer Booze would return to the scene.