Enigma (c64)

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Enigma (ENI, -1993)

GER> Elegance (paperart swap, ex X-Ray, new 02/92-early93), Joe Cool
NOR> Fist (crack, 10/91), Hero (crack, 10/91), Richie (crack, 10/91), Sauron
     (crack, 10/91).
USA> Pudwerx (fixer), The Basilisk (sysop 'GEE SPOT', later Legend, 10/91).
???> Frank, Ignorance (ger? ex X-Ray, new 02/92-early93), Jatagan (gfx, ex
     X-Ray, new 02/92), Magic Man (crack), Ninja, Peter, Phentagon (93),
     Rygar (crack), The Last Dragon, Trigger (code, ex X-Ray, new 02/92),
     Wrath Child.

Boards; THE UNEARTHLY FLOWER (nor, 10/91).

Enigma are a German cracking group. The Norwegians were in Illusion both
before and after being in Enigma.
  1992 - Deff left for Dominators around february, and also Weasel was
dismissed from the group. However, most of X-Ray (chrysagon, ignorance,
trigger, jatagan, elegance) joined this same month!
  1993 - The group died in may, as main cracker Chrysagon (ex X-Ray, new
02/92-) left for Talent and let the group die =(

  Mamba #25 (1992, 19.02, Diskmag).
  info: Last issue of Mamba ever.