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DEN> Crossfire (Kim Andersen, code crack, 03/92-06/93), Decade (05/93),
     Doom (old handle Flower, 05-10/93), Jason (swap, 02-05/93), Marie
     (05/93), Loyalty (05/93).
HUN> Stephen (Stephen Visy, crack, ex Alpha Flight 1970, new 09/93).
BEL> Clive (05/93), Cruel (sysop WAREZ A'LA CARTE EHQ, 05/93).
HOL> Merlin (crack, 05/93).
GER> Eddie (sysop THE GRAVEYARD EHQ, 11/93), Sonic (modem, 05-10/93).
SWE> Fresh Prince (Thomas Andersson, swap, ex Light, new 09/93), The Torch
NOR> TG-ACME (Tonny Gundersen, swap write, 05-06/93).
USA> Dutchman (sysop POWER SURGE WHQ, new 05/93).

Boards; PARTICLES (usa, 05/93), CYBERDOME (ger, also in Legend, 05/93).

  1992 - Stiff and Mercy both joined from Triad in december.
  1993 - SMD (Mercy and Stiff)'s stay was a short one; they left for
Mechanix around february. Merlin left the scene, while Mason left to reform
Mechanicus 2124, all early this year. Epic and Device went into cooperation
early this year (pre 12.03, at least), but the coop broke down in may.
Objector never joined the group despite claiming so; Dutchman joined;
Swedish Stash was their new original supplier, but quickly moved on to join
Active; Mac's DREAMLINE was dropped (and is now only in Jam), and finally
two boards were opened this month, Crossfire's GATEWAY and Cruel's WAREZ
A'LA CARTE - all in may. Fairlight's "Reformation #3" [06/93] referred
information that rumours were goind around that Merlin recracked some games.
Stephen/Alpha Flight 1970 (crack) and Fresh Prince/Light joined in
september. Doom changed his handle to Doom in september. Around november
Crossfire's GATEWAY was closed, and THE GRAVEYARD became the new EHQ.