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Equinoxe [new] (EQX)

GER> Antifan (Christian Grun, code, 93-10/96), Warp (Markus Peter, mainorg
     code, 01/96).
POL> Grafee (Jarek Gregorowicz, swap, 01/95).
SWE> MacX (swap, also Ambush, new 01/96), Punisher (also Ambush, new 01/96).
???> Agnus Dei (01/95-01/96), Apis (01/95), Bitbreaker (01/96), Caledonian
     (new 01/96), Chipsi (01/95), Droopy (01/96), Echo (music, ex Comic
     Pirates, new 01/95), Goat (01/96), Jack (01/95), Jayz (01/95), Mav
     (01/96), Nucleus (01/96), Olsen (music, new 01/95), Parson (01/95),
     Pollux (01/95), Suck (01/96), Tale (01/95), Wile Coyote (01/95-01/96).

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 01/95) -

NOR> Fli (Leif I. Bilstad, swap, mid94).

Equinoxe was a german-based demo group. Antifan is the author behind several
utlities, including Voodoo-Noter.
  1995 - Mr.Friese and Suzuki both got kicked out around january. At the
same time Echo/Comic Pirates and and Olsen/Feniks - both musicians - joined,
and Mav left the group due to school and personal problems. He may have
returned later, since we have a record of him being in the group as late as
january 96. At the X95 party in april, Stan left for TRSI.
  1996 - Warp (formerly Mr.Warp) returned in january to take over leadership
of the group, hoping to revitalize a group that had all but imploded and
died. He immediately recruited MacX (swap) and Punisher (both will remain in
their original group Ambush as well) and newcomer Caledonian.

  Fuel (1993, .06 or .07, Demo).
  code: Mr.Warp, AEG, Dasheele, Antifan, gfx: Mr.Warp, AEG, D-Signa/Maniax,
  Ivan & Kyle, music: The Blue Ninja/DOS, Mace/Secure, Bad, Mr.Warp, Reyn
  Ouwehand, DJ/Vaganbonds, Kristian Rostoen, Benno/Topaz, Kyle, AEG, The
  Syndrom/Crest. info: Apparently features 2x2 sideborder scroll over 7
  splits, a world record.

  Antifan's Toolbox (1996, 10 or later, Tooldisk).
  code: Antifan, gfx: none, music: none.
  review: A toolbox containing three of Antifan's own tools, and not
  half bad if I may say so myself :) The three tools are Voodoo-Noter
  V2.1, Stuff-List Editor V2 (to keep your demo collections organized),
  and finally Dir-Master 7.0, which seems like a really good utility if
  I could get it to work properly... This doesn't do any amazing tricks,
  but the ones it does do it does very well. [glenn]