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Excess (EX!, 1989-, http://excess.iscool.net)

GER> Black Duke (Tassilo Schutz, code, 07/97-03/03), H-Bloxx (Ralf
     Mackowiak, crack swap, 95-03/03), Master S (swap, 95-03/03), Red Rock
     (crack swap, 02/93-03/03), Spinball (code crack, ex Mental, new 09/94-
POL> Variat (swap, 03/03).
???> Creb (03/03), Danzig (03/03), Eco (03/03), Ghost (03/03), Luka (also
     in Trance Designs, 02/93-03/03), Nameless (02/93-03/03), RHX (code,
     new 95-03/03), Sentinel (crack, 02/93-03/03), Stormfront (crack swap,
     03/03), Tadpole (03/03), The Pro (03/03).


GER> Darkman (swap, 12/91), Exic (Andreas Nickel, gfx, also in Acsore,
     07/97), Gash (Alexander Peters, crack, 95), Scratch (Henning Scharrer,
     swap, 09/95), Spermbird (swap, ex Trinomic, also in Chromance, new
N-L> Bordeaux (Tim Harris, swap, 95), Cat (Bart Hendrix, gfx swap, 02/93-
BEL> Stormbringer (swap, 03/92).
USA> Light (sysop ICELAND, 02/93).
???> Authentic (ex Maniax, new 09/94), Beat Up (gfx, old handle BTS, ex
     Mental, new 09/94-95), Benno (code music, 02-05/93), Blue Angel
     (paperart, 02-05/93), Collector (swap, 02-05/93), CST (crack swap, 02-
     05/93), Decoy (music, also in Natural Beat, 02/94-95), Dumper (code
     crack trade, 02-05/93), Firelord (gfx paperart, 02/93), Knobby (trade,
     ex Paramount, new 05/93), Liquid (ex X-Ample, new 09/94), Moses (ger?
     code, 95), Mr.Rage (code swap, 02- 05/93), Nebular (code crack music,
     old handle Orphan, new 95), Pneumatix (code, 02-05/93), Pulse (code
     trade, ex WOW, new 05/93), Sempai (gfx swap, 02-05/93).

Boards; SANITARIUM (ger, 95).

Excess are a German demo and cracking group. Brothers Raistlin (code) and
Kreator (both ex Pyrotech) formed Excess with some old members of DCS, this
was around 1989... Kreator later went to the amiga, and Raistlin joined
Rough Trade.
  1991 - Thunderstorm was kicked, while Bigfoot (swap) joined in december.
  1993 - Bigfoot joined Paramount in january. German swapper Spermbird
joined from Trinomic around february. Mystic, Longdrink, Anesthesia and
Galaxy were all kicked out around february. Pulse/WOW (code trade) and
Knobby/Paramount (trade) both joined in may.
  1994 - German sysop Iron ('ESCAPAD) changed his handle to Xerox (not
Xenox as written some places) and joined Alpha Flight 1970 around the middle
of the year. A lot of movement occurred in the member mass during september;
Authentic/Maniax (swap), BTS/Mental (gfx), Spinball/Mental (code) and
Liquid/X-Ample all joined, while Sgt. Pepper (Norbert Kroker, ger, swap,
02/93-), Mindcrime, Josh and Luka (Erik Nissen, ger, gfx, 05/93) were all
kicked or left on their own accord. Luka may have alter returned; at least
the group has a member with this handle in 2003. This month also saw the
recruitment of a new whq board, CHAOTIC FACTOR. The board did not stay long
in the group, and was dismissed around december.
  1995 - "Nitro #19" was released late in the year, and brought a lot of
news about the group; Renegade (crack) left for Avantgarde around september,
and they lost their american board DEAD ZONE (sysop Trouble) to Onslaught
also around this time (confirmed in [O] in september); Spermbird joined
Chromance as his second group; Outlaw and New Design both left the scene;
Holy Moses left to join the rebuilt Pandora; Bordeaux left to rebuild his
old group Acrise; BTS changed his handle to Beat Up; RHX (code) and Orphan
(code crack music) - who renamed in Nebular - joined the group. Coder,
cracker and musician Nebula left for Hardcore around september. Former main
organizer and cracker Sentinel left the scene late this year. He may have
later returned.
  1997 - Graphician Sush (also in Acsore) left the scene this year, sometime
after july.

  Nitro #15 (Diskmag).

  Nitro #16 (Diskmag).

  Nitro #17 (Diskmag).

  Nitro #18 (Diskmag).

  Nitro #19 (1995, late, Diskmag).
  INT - code: Spinball, gfx: Beat-Up (face), ???/Parsec and
        Glare/Smash (logo), music: n/a.
  MAG - code: Spinball (menu), Gash (reader), gfx: Beat Up (dragon), Thomas
        (selection logo), Alian Prophet (reader), Cat (reader chars), music:
        "Chameleon" by Pri, "Kromazona", "Silent Eclipse", "Formid Acid",
        "Compotune", "Psychosturbed" and "Nitro" by Decoy, "Sadox" by Jeroen
        Tel, "Ice Waffle" by Xayne, "Shinding" and "Sandwich" by Cosowi,
        "Dedication" by Jeff, "Toy Palace" by Fanta, "Smooth Criminal" by
        Danko, "Emorave" by Nebular, "Doletimin" by Deek, "Paranoia" by
        Syndrom, "Love 3" and "Love 4" by Shogoon and "Trip & Pluto" by
        Metal, editors: H-Bloxx, Red Rock, Gash, Decoy, Master S, Beat Up,
  review: After a fair intro that fails to excite too much, with a b&w
  rendition of Conan the Barbarian on the left, a textplotter on the right
  and a logo at the bottom, we press space to begin reading the mag. First
  impressions of the menu is much better, with a cartoony dragon on the left
  and a nice logo. The menu is done entirely in black and grey, except some
  raster-colors occassionally moving through the Excess logo and the
  currently selected article. The reading section is also likeable, with
  graphics at the top and bottom complementing each other, and the rest of
  the screen reserved for reading. Text can have many colors on the same
  page and there are two font sizes. In addition, some animated sprites are
  also present. I never liked those (always hated Mamba's overuse of these,
  for instance), but at least here they are not THAT obtrusive. Control is
  by joystick only, left/right to flip pages. If you accidentally press
  fire (to return to the menu) while reading, and you select the page you
  were at, it reloads the entire page. There are 20 chapters in this mag,
  each with their own piece of music... I am uncertain whether all the music
  here is exclusive or not; at LEAST Danko's tune I believe to be an older
    Editorial highlights include interviews with Vengeance/Onslaught/MSI and
  Shuze/Alpha Flight 1970; reviews of Agony's "Love" and Smash Designs'
  "Desert Dots". They spell Mr.Cursor's name wrong in the 'Did you
  know' chapter, Herzig instead of the correct Herzeg. This issue saw the
  burial of the sections Confrontation, Smileys, Remembering, Foreign Words
  and Music Market, and the arrival of the new ones Did You Know, The
  Rivals, Underground and Floppy Stuff. We are uncertain of the release
  date, but it is sometime after mid july of 1995... [glenn]

  Nitro #20 (1996, late.01, Diskmag).