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HUN> Abject (music, 94), Cube (Kolos Esztergalyos, 94), Dale (code, 94),
     Edhellon  (code, 94), Flimbo (gfx, 94), Inside (gfx music, 94), Jode
     (Marton Hegedus, 94), Oscar (code, 94), Splash (94), Szaby (Szabolls
     Nagy, also in Leader, 94), Vistar (94).

Exile is a Hungarian demo group.

  Inhumanity (Dentro).
  code: Dale (main), Edhellon, Oscar, gfx/music: Inside.
  info: 4th at the Fun Factory Party (no info found yet, sorry!), their
  first demo production. No credits printed in demo itself, credit info from
  printing in "Vector Overdose" [94].

  Vector Overdose (1994, Multifile Demo).
  code: Oscar, Edhellon, Dave, gfx: Inside, Flimbo, music: Inside.
  review: Exile's second ever demo production, already shows some promise.
  "VO" is an irq-loaded demo, trackmo style, and opens with an "intel
  outside" logo. Some cool graffiti-style logos by Inside then appears,
  before the vector stuff begins. I really must say I was mildly impressed
  with the speed of the code in this demo; big vector objects moving at
  quite acceptable levels of speed and smoothness. And another thing that
  impressed me, now that I think of it, was Flimbo's fullscreen picture.
  Very cool, an artist I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more from!
  As you may have guessed from the title, this demo features almost all-
  vector effects, like a tv-box (ever thought you'd see one of those on the
  64?), faaast morphing dotshapes, checkerboard cube, hiddenline vector, an
  amazing dotscroller and finally a 1-color texturemapped vector which they
  keep on the screen for WAY too long.
    The real drawback to this demo is simply that it's too long, causing the
  soundtrack to loop several times before the demo is over. Some more pace
  and perhaps dropping a couple of the effects would have strengthened the
  demo. The accompanying note was written in a noter coded by Clarence/
  Chorus with music by their own member Abject. [glenn]