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Extasy (XTC, 1990-1991)

FIN> Servant (supply, ex Fairlight, new 06/90).
DEN> Nam (sysop NEVER, NEVERLAND, 08/90-early91).

Boards; SUPER CONDUCTOR (usa, 91), DIGITAL ILLUSION (fin, 91).

Extasy was formed around late may 1990 by Rockstar and Servant from Contex,
after a brief stay in Fairlight. They were a Finland-based cracking group.
  1989 - Doyle left to form Trash late this year.
  1990 - Finnish swapper TMB joined from Motion around july. Nam opened the
board NEVER, NEVERLAND around august.
  1991 - Around april or may, the group died and most members - Rockstar
(crack, ex Fairlight, new 06/90), TMB (swap), Drake - left to form a new
group called Victims together with members of Dynamix.