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Extend (EXT)

FIN> Barfly (code, 12/98-05/01), Electric (gfx, 12/93-05/01), Junkie
     (12/98-05/01), Tape (code, 12/98-05/01), TBB (music, 12/98-05/01),
     Thor (music, 11/97-05/01).


FIN> Barracuda (Toni Nisula, music, 11/97-12/98), Wide (music, 11/97-12/98).
???> Argon  (12/98), Atte (12/98), Captain H. (crack), Dr.Acid (12/98), Duce
     (12/98), Micke (12/98), Scapegoat (12/98).

Extend are a finnish demo group, and among the best still active. They also
did a few cracks, but this was a minimal activity for the group.
  1993 - Dr.Acid left for Genesis Project in october. He must have returned
to Extend at a later date, as the entry above should testify to.
  1998 - The group's only contributions to the Assembly in august this year
was a picture by Electric and a tune by Barracuda. The group saved its
demopower at the scenes main event, and instead released "Orangi." [12/98]
in december at the much smaller Zoo party. This strategy proved a success
for them, as the demo WON the demo competition =)
  2001 - The group won the demo competition at Escape 2001 in may with
"Kuppa 2" [05/01].

  Orangi. (1998, 06.12, Demo).
  code: Barfly, Tape, gfx: Electric, music: TBB.
  Winner of the Zoo 98 demo competition!
  review: Now, THIS ROCKS! Electric's amazing graphics topline this demo,
  which also feastures a truly amazing piece of code - what appears to be a
  3d scene, one of those 'inside the donut' things. Short but sweet, with a
  dead cool logo and two fullscreen pictures - this is a nice, neat package
  that fits nicely in anyone's download folder. Go! One of Electric's two
  fullscreen pictures, of the woman's face surrounded by eyes, is actually
  "My Trans", his graphics competition winner from Zoo 97.
    The demo is 9 files, totalling 403 blocks. Electric also did the
  exclusive cover painting. [glenn]

  Kuppa 2 (2001, 12.05, File Demo).
  code: Barfly, Tape, gfx: Electric, music: AMJ/Side B.
  Winner of the Escape 2001.fi demo competition!
  review: Oh boy. Disappointment, disappointment. Again, the saving grace is
  a fullscreen picture by Electric, but there is precious little else to
  recommend this one. They seem to have a little fun with an interlaced
  screen mode, but no good effects materialize from the experimentation -
  just some colors, and nothing more. But the real nail in the coffin is
  AMJ's horribly monotonous music... arrrgh. You can do so much better,
  guys. This winning the demo competition at Escape says a lot about the
  competition. It is not mentioned inside the demo that AMJ is not a member
  of this group, except for the fact that he is not on the memberlist. No
  name for his tune appears in the memory, just a copyright message. There
  were no graphics or music competitions for the 64 at this party, so the
  picture and tune are likely not released outside this production. [glenn]

  Orivesi (2001, .08, Demo).
  5th in the Assembly 2001 oldskool demo competition.