Fantastic 4 Cracking Group

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Fantastic 4 Cracking Group (F4CG)

GER> Neotec (writer, 02/95-12/97).
SWE> Despair (fixer, 12/97), Motley (Tony Villanen, crack, ex Genesis
     Project, new 01/95-12/97), Newscopy (Per Jacobsen, swap, ex Genesis
     Project, new 01/95-12/97), Scope (gfx, ex Genesis Project, new 01/95),
     Sixx (Tobias Olofsson, 01/96-12/97), Walker (Jonas Nordin, swap, ex
     Genesis Project, new 01/95-12/97), Zyron (Johan Astrand, code music,
     also in Oxsid Planetary, new 01/96-07/00).
AUT> Mr.Alpha (Mario Berghold, also in Remembers, 09/94-12/97).
POL> Worm (gfx, new 09/95-01/96).
SPA> Almighty God (Domingo Alvarez, also in Dekadence and Level64, 11/02).
???> Bitman (01/95-12/97), Chaos (12/97), Chash (01/96), Devil (code,
     08/95-12/97), Goz (12/97), Intruder (also in Remember, 12/97-02/98),
     Morris (code, new 09/94-01/96), Playboy (crack, ex Clique, early93-
     12/97), Sliver (gfx, 12/97), Smasher (supply, ex Crazy, new
     01/91-12/97), Sneaper (01/95-12/97), Solar (sysop THE LOST PARADISE
     93, early93-12/97), Stasi (12/97), Total Chaos (09/95-12/97).

Boards; INTERPARK FTP (ita,, 09/95-12/97).


BEL> Cyborg (Peter Nijs, swap, early91-01/96), Dash (swap, early91), Manx
     (swap, 01/91), Ninja (ex Manowar, new early90), Scorpie (gfx swap, ex
     WOW, 02/92), Tornado (swap, ex WOW, new early91).
GER> Communist (12/91).
AUT> Antitrack (crack, new 09/95-01/96).
HOL> Nit 1 (editor, old handle Une, 02/92-early93).
ITA> Fen1 (Enzo Cafaro, swap, early91-01/96).
DEN> Wolf (05/93).
POL> Druid (also in Agony, new 01/95), Therion (Kuba Prochocki, swap, also
     in Elysium, 01/95).
USA> Eldamar (supply, new ca 12/94).
???> Aristo (09/95-01/96), Carcass (new 09/94), Cerebus (09/95), Cybersurfer
     (09/95-01/96), Draz (swe? fx, 08/95-01/96), H-Bloxx (Ralf Mackoviak,
     swap, old handle Syndicate, 01/95), Hain (crack, 01/95-01/96), Idol
     (01/95), Jumpie (01/91), Kid (ex Transcom, new early91), Lenine (crack,
     91), Moloch (code, also in RPG, 09/94-01/96), Scorpio (ex Transcom, new
     early91), Spark (01/95), Zirc0 (music, also in RPG, 09/94-01/95).

Boards; FABULOUS DISASTER (usa, ex Triad, new 05/91).

F4CG is a demo and cracking group, based in Italy and Belgium, but with
additional divisions in other countries. They claim to be active since 1983,
but the validity of this claim is doubtful... I have seen cracks dating back
to at least 1987, though. Among the earliest members were Mao and ADF (both
code crack). Rumours say that ADF left the scene after Mao was killed in a
car accident.
  1990 - Skin left around february, to build a new demo group with
Hitchhiker and some others. Speedy left the group around august, and is now
groupless. Bart returned to the scene around august. Dash, Douglas and Sid
were kicked in december...which is strange, since WOW's "Internal #4"
[02/91] claims Douglas left the scene in january of next year for his army
duty...? The game "Puffys Saga" was released through UbiSoft around
september, coded by The Wim/F4CG =)
  1991 - Smasher joined when Crazy died, and Jumpie stopped swapping in
january. Early in the year, sometime between february and april, two ex-
Transcom members, Kid and Scorpio, were recruited. About this time they also
recruited Belgian Tornado/WOW.
  1992 - Sid rejoined in january, after Hotline died.
  1993 - Dutchman Calypso (also in Amnesia) left the group for Topaz
Beerline in january. On the 17th of may, danish member Wolf was busted for
phreaking. He has decided to stay in the scene anyway, but stop his
phreaking. You can read about the bust in his own words in Fairlight's
"Reformation #4" [07/93] diskmag. Mutant-X returned to the scene in august,
calling out and hoping to reopen his board CHAOTIC ILLUSIONS.
  1994 - September was an eventful month; Moloch (code supply) joined from
Armageddon, and then he and Zirc0 (music) both joined RPG as their 2nd
groups; previous member Mutant-X (previously trader and sysop of CHAOTIC
ILLUSIONS, 08/93) returned to the scene and joined as a hacker, only to
leave again after disagreements with Moloch and the polish members; previous
member Carcass rejoined the group; Morris (code) joined; Mr.Alpha left
Rebels to be in F4CG only; Chiefy/Padua joined and finally rumours claimed
that original member Mao had been killed in a tragic car accident...
American supplier Eldamar joined around december.
  1995 - The group received a pretty big boost around january, when swedes
Newscopy, Walker, Scope and Motley all joined from Genesis Project.
Syndicate changed his handle to H-Bloxx, left for TRSI, but rejoined almost
immediately; Druid/Agony joined F4CG as his second group - all around
january. Devil released the graphics editor "Drazpaint V2.0" in august. The
group concentrated on building a SNES section around september, recruiting
c64 profiles like Antitrack, Hobbit, Newscopy, Solar and Stormrider (sysop
TUNNEL OF WARES) - who will serve as their snes whq. On the c64 side,
Newscopy and Motley were pretty busy organizing their software house Cherry
Software. Polish graphician Worm joined on trial basis. American cracker
Fungus joined from Chromance late this year or early next.
  1996 - Swedish coder and musician Zyron was recruited, while Decoder
(music, 08/95-) and King (01/95-) were kicked due to inactivity, all in
january. Despite rumours to the contrary, Moloch is still a member.
  1997 - English supplied and cracker Derbyshire Ram joined Remember as his
second group in october, then left F4CG entirely around november-december,
and joined Alpha Flight 1970 as his first group instead. Skinhead and
Skidrow left the group and Maja (crack, 01/95-) left the scene, due to
internal disagreements.
  1999 - American cracker Fungus like left this year...

  Pukebox #8 (1992, early, diskmag).
  info: Edited by Nit1, it was criticized in Dominators' "Corruption #12"
  for having a lot of bullshit in its news chapter.

  The Complete Zyron VoiceTracker Collection (1997, late, Musicdisk).
  INT - code: Zyron, gfx: Zeldin/Cascade (logo), Stasi (2x2 font), music:
  MUS - code/gfx/music: Zyron.
  review: An unexcitingly-presented musicdisk, this release covers each and
  every tune Zyron did using the VoiceTracker music program. Seeing as these
  tunes are all from 1991 and 1992, this might seem on some levels like a
  slightly unnecessary release, but on the other hand it was probably made
  to get these tunes released, or they might have been left behind, so on
  that level it's easier to understand the motivation. There are really a
  staggering amount of music on this disk, I kind of lost count myself ;)
  With so much music on offer, it is inevitable that quality varies. There
  are some really good tunes, and some really bad ones, but in the end I
  guess the overall impression is somewhat above average. Zyron is a
  musician with a lot of years in the game, and it's interesting to listen
  to his early work and compare with some of his later tunes... As
  mentioned, the presentation is unexciting, but functional.
    We are sure some of these tunes have been used in productions in the
  past, and we'll look into this at a later date. Interestingly, the
  production appears to have two titles. The one above appears in the disc's
  directory structure, while the title screen itself calls it "Zyron's
  Complete VoiceTracker Works". The releasedate is given as 'late' 1997, and
  we have unfortunately not been able to nail any closer than that. [glenn]