Finnish Gold

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Finnish Gold (FIG)

FIN> FCS (music, 08/98), Gallstone (08/88), MIY (08/88), Spemu (08/88).

Finnish Gold was a finnish (duh! =]) demo group, founded by Gallstone and
  The group is perhaps most notable for being authors of the very first,
original Future Composer - or to be more exact, the first version was
released on the 13th of june 1988 by later FIG member FCS (Finland Cracking
Service) - but later versions were released under the FIG label. This
legendary music composition program was very important to the evolution of
the c64 music scene, and many famous composers started their work using this
editor. It was later developed further by other people and groups.
  1988 - The first member to join the group was FCS (code), then Spemu, MIY
and SCS joined. SCS was found to be inadequate and dismissed. The group
released two demos at the Byterapers Grendelparty in august, "Contest Demo"
[08/88] won the competition, while "FIG Again" only managed 6th.
  1990 - Finnish musician Rock (08/88-) left for Origo around june.

  Contest Demo (1988, 11.08, File Demo).
  code: FCS, gfx: n/a, music: Rock, FCS.
  Winner of the Byterapers Grendelparty demo competition!
  review: This four-part demo is above all very well designed for its time,
  showing a demomaking maturity beyond the amateurish. Though there is no
  graphician working on this demo at all, the coder manages to create
  stylish parts with good fonts and use of raster effects to colorise logos,
  scrollers and other things. We will walk you through the parts; all code
  in the demo was done by FCS.
    part 1 - The first part does not have much have any real effects at all,
  it is just a nicely designed scroller and plotter part, working as an
  introduction to the rest of the demo. Music by Rock.
    part 2 - This one has a dycp-plotter as its main point of interest,
  where letters fall from the top of the screen onto a line, forming lines
  of text. It's a little cooler than it sounds =) Other than that, this
  features FIG sprites and a scroller. Music by Rock.
    part 3 - This marks the first (at least to my knowledge) sinescroller on
  the c64, and what's more it's of the 'tube' variety, where the text
  seemingly scrolls 'wrapped' around a tube. The effect is stunning for a
  c64 demo from the middle of 1988! Besides this, it features a basic logo
  with animated raster colorization and a textplotter. Music by Rock and
    part 4 - The final part features rasterbars, mainly =) Nothing
  spectacular about this one, with some sprites and some text flying around.
  Noone is credited for the music in this part, but it sounds familiar
  enough for me to suspect it's a ripped piece.
    What took this demo all the way to the top in the competition, I would
  guess, is simply the fact that it was much better designed than the other
  competitors, and it also has the strength of some good music work from
  Rock. Recommended viewing for your oldskool fix =] [glenn]

  FIG Again (1988, 11.08, Demo).
  6th in the Byterapers Grendelparty demo competition.