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Fraction (FTN)

POL> Alpha (Czarek Hodujko, code swap, 01/96-04/98).
???> Cobra (swap, 04/98), Cucumbeer (gfx, 04/98), Djinn (music, 04/98), Dux
     (code, 04/98), Jurgen (code, 04/98), Pasthur (editor swap, 04/98),
     Quasar (gfx, 04/98), Randy (music, 04/98), Sage (music, 04/98), Sapper
     (editor, 04/98), Sensei (code, 04/98), Szikers (04/98), Vampire (swap,
     04/98), Vigo (code, 04/98).

Fraction is a Polish demo group, all the people where I do not have a
confirmed country are most likely Polish too.
  1998 - Polish member Chash (music swap, 01/96) left and reformed Caution
early this year (pre-april), and took with him Shell (code) and Signor

  Logic Control (1997, Demo).

  Pathology (1998, 26.04, Demo).
  code: Alpha, Dux, Jurgen, Shell/Caution, Sensei, Vigo, gfx: Alg/Alpha
  Flight 1970, Colitt/De Koder, Cucumbeer, Quasar, Talbot/Faith, music:
  Kourdiakis/Samar. Winner of the Rush Hours 98 demo competition!
  review: A lot of coders worked on this excellent production, and it shows!
  No less than 12 people in all were involved in the production, but somehow
  it still manages to come across as a focused effort. The first thing that
  strikes you about this demo is the very nice design. It's not extravagant,
  just nicely 'there' in every screen, and coupled with some impressive code
  it makes this a standout production. Just some of the impressive routines
  are an impressive, large vector routine that can do morphing, spacecuts
  and even rubber! There's a texturemapped ball, a gouraud shaded vector
  routine and a dotscroll (remember seeing a fair few of these on the amiga
  in early days, but never on the 64!). Kourdiakis music is not bad, the
  third song being the best by far in my book. The entire demo is presented
  'trackmo-style', using and IRQ loader. This is a recommended download.
    The disk also includes a nicely done note, coded by Dux. Shell's code
  was used in the demo even despite he had moved on to reform Caution.
  This demo (well, the note actually) announced the Shell, Chash and Signor
  had left for Caution. [glenn]