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Galicya (GLC, 1995-)

POL> Adon (Marcin Pagowski, gfx, early-late95), Archangel (Krzysiek
     Tomaszewski, swap, early-late95), Blaze (Miachl Domarus, crack swap,
     also in Alpha Flight 1970, early-09/95), Gloin (gfx, early-late95), Hey
     (code, late95), Incognito (code, early-late95), Mr.Fiz (code, early-
     late95), Nazgul (Jarek Jedrzejczyk, gfx paperart, early-late95), Nylu
     (gfx, late95), Praiser (Wojciech Wardynski, org music, later Onsalught,
     early-late95), Scarlet (code music, early95), Sony (?, early95), Talbot
     (Jakub Hajek, gfx paperart, early-late95), Tiamat (swap, late95),
     Zombie (Damian Pdraza, code, early-late95).

Galicya was a polish group under the leadership of musician Praiser. From
circumstancial information, I believe they were formed late 1994 and
released their first stuff early 95.

  Relaxed Style (1995, early, Filedemo).
  code: Mr.Fiz, Zeor/Free Man Laboratories, gfx: Zeor/FML, Ollie/Chorus
  (introfonts), music: Praiser.
  review: Just like "Earth", this starts with the choice of a note or the
  production itself. This claims to be the first ever production from
  Galicya - in cooperation with Free Man Laboratories this time. This was
  also released in 95, but probably before "Earth" since it announces that
  Praiser, Zeor (who formed FML, as mentioned) and Scarlet are no longer
  members of Samar, but are in this group. The dentro itself is nothing
  spectacular, essentially a two-effect affair. The first concerns just a
  'filter' the action seen through, in an effort to make a twirling line
  seem exciting =) The other is a much more interesting one, an original an
  wellconceived variation on the shadebob theme - with the shades being
  dissolved pixel by pixel after a time. Looks nice, and has a horizontal
  endscroller overlaid. Again, I have trouble with Praiser's music. [glenn]

  Earth - Talbot's First Logo Collection (1995, early, Multiload Slideshow).
  code: Zombie, Morris (note), gfx: Talbot, Ollie/Chorus (introfonts),
  music: Praiser (2tunes, both $1000).
  review: The first thing you see is a plain textscreen, from where you can
  choose to see a note (coded by Morris, presumably Morris/Agony, since
  noone by that name appears on the memberlist) or load the slideshow.
  Praiser's music for both is problematic for this reviewer; the note tune
  is monotonous, while the main tune suffers from a much too dominant
  bassline and rhythm, making what melody there is drowning in the 'mix'.
  The note is mediocre, seemingly trying a different approach with its
  squares, but ending up looking a little confusing for it. The show itself
  opens with a few screens of text in a big font, fading in and out before
  the logos start appearing. Talbot mentions himself that some of them are
  the very first ones he made, and on some of them - that shows. Most are a
  little 'samey', and you can almost see him working from logo to logo,
  trying out new approaches and techniques. These are very much the logos of
  an amateur, lacking the flair of more experienced artists, but also shows
  some talent towards the end. He needs to work on color-use however, with
  basically the same kind of 'palette' reused for too many of the examples
    This was reviewed from a version placed on a disk called 'GALICYA WAREZ
  #1', dated april 1995. The production itself carries no release date, just
  a mention that it was to be released in december, but appears now - so any
  month from january to april is a good guess. It uses Exprolet/Agony's IRQ
  loader, and Hain/Elysium's depack system. [glenn]