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Genesis*Project (G*P,

GER> 3DK (editor, ex Paramount, new 01/91-04/91), Airwolf (Norman
     Schnitzler, swap, ex Success, new 05/93-early94), Antichrist (crack
     swap, 10/90-01/93), Jack Daniels (editor, ex Paramount, later
     Dominators, new 01/91-04/91), Roger (code, ex Tec, new 01/89), Scrap
     (gfx swap, ex Contex, 03/90-04/91), SES (code, ex Fear, new 12/90),
     Snacky (crack, 09/90-01/91), Typhoon (code, ex Future Technologies,
     new 12/90).
ENG> Dawsy (swap, 12/90), Deek (Richard Rinn, music, also in Vibrants,
SCO> Rimtrix (swap, 12/91).
USA> Mizar (sysop MENACE 2 SOCIETY, also in Empire, 09/94), Sorceress
     (sysop MYSTIC CAVERN, 01/93).
???> Allanon (crack, new 10/93), Aslive (new 05/93), Bizzmo (gfx, later
     Crest, 12/90-04/91), Chouans (ex Transcom, new 12/90), Codemonster
     (code, 04/91), Dr.Acid (ex Extend, new 10/93), Frankieghost (code,
     01-04/91), G.O.T (rescene early 93), Henry (ex Centauri, new late89),
     Janec (02/92), Jity (ex Transcom, new 12/90), Mig (ex Transcom, new
     12/90), Milios (ex Transcom, new 12/90), Murdock (sysop LAND OF
     CONFUSION), Opal (gfx swap, new 05/90), Punisher (crack, re-scene, new
     09/94), Ray (crack, ex X-Rated, new 09/94), Satan (ex X-Rated, new
     09/94), Slight (ex Transcom, new 12/90), Spacie (code gfx, 06/91),
     Spirit (ex Transcom, new 12/90), Stinger (ex Transcom, new 12/89), The
     Goblin (swi? Sylvain, crack supply, 04/90-01/91), Tyger (code crack,
     06/91-02/92, re 05/93), Zorlac (ger? ex The CFA [no entry], new

Boards; TUNNEL OF WARES (usa, 01/91), WILD WARES (usa, also Exodus 04/90,
     04-10/90), WAREZ CASTLE (usa, 04/90), THE DISK SHOPPE (usa, 04/90).

Genesis Project are a demo and cracking group, based in germany but with
sections in several countries. Shortly after Motley returned, there were
rumours that he joined RSI. These are unconfirmed.
  1989 - Late in the year, Sentinel left to build his own legal team, Icon
Arts [no entry]. Also Germans Boozer, Olle and Hires left the group due to
problems with the police, instead busying themselves coding games for Amok.
The group was reinforced with Stinger/Transcom. Wawen joined from Warriors
of Time briefly in december, but soon moved on to Dynamix instead.
  1990 - Their cooperation with Crazy ended around february, but they gained
swiss member Cyberpunk. In may, coder Raistlin (Robert Troughton, ex Oneway)
left the group due to a lack of time. He later joined Amok. English musician
Deek became a member of Vibrants in july, while still also being in GP. In
august, Cyberpunk moved on to Illusion. Lumberjack left the c64 scene in
december. Also in december, they recruited two new German coders in the
shape of SES/Fear and Typhoon/Future Technologies. Damien was kicked out due
to lameness in december. Ninja joined Dominators, also in december. News in
Censor's "Fatal News #7" [09/90] that he left the group would seem to be
false. Deek made the music for games like "Thomas The Tank Engine" and "The
Race" this year. In december Slight, Chouans, Spirit, Milios, Mig, Punisher
and Jity all joined from Transcom.
  1991 - January saw germans Jack Daniels and 3DK join from Paramount with
their popular diskmag "Corruption", a major boost for the group. Also in
january, Snacky was hired by Digital Marketing to make a new kind of copy
protection for them! The product is reportedly called "Neuro-Protect". March
saw the joining of Steam Hammer (swap). Also early in the year, Zorlac/The
CFA was recruited to take over Kampftrinker's job, since he quit. The ninth
(and first for GP) issue of "Corruption" was released in april. Also in
april, Veda left the scene.
  1992 - Sting and Maniac joined from Elite around february, but one day
later Maniac was kicked out again since they only really wanted Sting. This
same month brought news the The Goblin returned to the scene, that Rockstar
returned from the army, that Veto (the artist responsible for the graphics
in games like Rolling Ronny and Second World) joined, that Steamhammer
(swap, new 03/91) was kicked, that Blue Thunder/X-Large changed his handle
to LA Style and joined as a modemtrader and original supplier, that Deek and
Bizzmo left the scene after releasing their final demo "Paradize 91", that
Janec was caught for phreaking and finally that Fgth (code crack, 90-01/91)
left the scene.
  1993 - Motley was caught by the Police in january. Antichrist and
Sorceress got married early in the year! Sorceress will soon have MYSTIC
CAVERN up again. Lots of people joined in may! Walker joined after a few
days in Active, Airwolf/SCS joined, Aslive joined, Greenfrog joined and
Tyger returned. In october, L.A.Style announced he was leaving for the SNES
scene - the fate of his board is still undecided. The group also recruited
Allanon (crack) and Dr.Acid/Extend this month.
  1994 - Lots of things happened in the month of september; former members
Satan and Ray (crack) returned from their memberships in X-Rated; The Goblin
(supply) joined (identical to their previous member The Goblin in 1990?);
The Punisher (crack, originally joined from Transcom in december 1990)
returned to the scene and to GP; Techno (crack supply) joined, and finally
after losing THE DUNGEON, MENACE 2 SOCIETY is the new whq. Scope came 2nd
in The Party 94 graphics competition.
  1995 - Swedes Newscopy (swap), Walker (swap, ex Active, new 05/93-), Scope
(gfx, ex Triad, new 93-) and Motley (crack) all left for F4CG around
january, and this was certainly a blow for the group. Some mags even hinted
it had meant their death... Polish Techno (crack supply, new 04/94) left for
SCS-TRC around september.

  Trust Your Eyes (1991, 07.01, Multifile Demo).
  Cooperation with Crest [details]

  Corruption #9 (1991, late.04, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Codemonster (main), Frankieghost (intro), gfx: Scrap (logo, chars),
  Bizzmo (icons), music: Deek, editors: Jack Daniels, 3DK.
  review: This is the first issue of Corruption released under the GP label,
  after the two main editors left Paramount. It opens with a pretty ok
  intro, where the first text that appears is synced to the great music.
  Otherwise it's pretty ordinary, and a press of the space bar enters the
  mag itself. The menu is icon-driven, controllable with joystick or cursor
  keys (though the cursors strangely seemed more responsive?). A swift press
  of return or fire loads and decrunches the first article. Loading times
  are quite acceptable. The text itself scrolls vertically, and is
  controlled with the joystick at two different speeds. The content of the
  mag itself is fair, with quite a lot of news. Ofcourse, with four months
  between this and the last issue, that would be expected. The fonts are
  functional, and has good readability. Otherwise there's a party report, an
  interview with an American sysop and suppplier, and the usual 'letters to
  the editor' etc. The swinging Corruption logo at the top of the screen was
  a little unnecessary, though. It's nicely drawn, but ultimately a
  distraction from the reading experience. A fair issue. [glenn]

  Paradize 91 (Demo).
  production: Deek, Bizzmo.

  Propaganda #15 (1994, 28.12, Diskmag).
  Released at The Party 1994.