Gloom (c64)

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Gloom (-G-, -1991)

GER> Andre (gfx, aka AS), Higgie (Hergen Oltmann, swap, 11/91).

Gloom was a german demo group. They died in december of 1991 when the best
members left to form a new group called Oxyron. Those who left for this
group was Yazoo (gfx), Ego, TTS (code), Sodan (swap, ex Effect), Graham
(code, ex Mad), Amarok (swap, ex Security), Dave (music, ex Oregon), Axis
(code), Slide (code) and Sony (music). Andre was also later a part of
Oxyron... was he forgotten when this list was made?? Dr.Feelgood also
joined, but was soon kicked and joined Genetix instead.

  New Logo Viewer (1990, 04.10, Demo).

  Freestyle (1990, 04.10, Demo).

  Sisters of Mercy (1990, 13.10, Demo).

  Money 4 Nothin (1990, 13.10, Demo).

  It's Time (1990, 20.10, Demo).

  Discovery (1990, 20.10, Demo).

  Society (1990, 30.10, Demo).

  Logo Collection 1 (1990, .12, Demo).

  Fist (1990, 15.12, Demo).

  Mood (1991, 08.01, Demo).

  Bullshitter 2 (1991, .02, Demo).

  160 Splits (1991, .02, Demo).

  Unreal Day Dream (1991, 08.02, Demo).
  Cooperation with Spherical Designs.

  Tetrapoda (1991, 05.03, Demo).
  Cooperation with X-Ray.

  Sorrow And Pain (1991, 05.03, Demo).

  7th Heaven (1991, 01.04, Demo).

  Thunderstorm (1991, 22.04, Demo).
  Cooperation with Sunrise.

  Multiplex (1991, 20.10, Demo).

  1 Year Gloom (1991, 20.10, Demo).

  Kekstuete (1991, 18.11, Demo).

  Invitation Demo (1991, 18.11, Demo).

  Obscure Dreams (1991, 05.12, Demo).