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Graffity Produkt (GRF)

HUN> Brian (Farkas Balazs, code music, also in The Imperium Arts, 90-
     12/96), Calt (Gabor Bolla, 02/92-12/96), Cheesion (12/96), Clarence
     (code, 12/96), Cybortech (gfx, 12/96), Jay (12/96), Ollie (gfx, 12/96).

The people below this line are no longer members, the line was drawn at a
memberlist published in the "Higher Love" [12/96] demo.

HUN> Andrew John Fletcher (Adam Daviovics, code gfx music swap, aka Andy,
     90), H19 (Zsolt Rozsnyai, swap, 90), Hepido (91), Jay (91), Matrix

Graffity is a hungarian demo group. Brian coded the sample editor DigiEditor
V1.3 (90), and several versions of the Demo Music Creator (DMC).
  1993 - In the first few months of the year, Brian decided to join the
musiclabel The Imperium Arts as his second group, and contributed quite a
few tunes to their release of "Zakplayer 3.2" [04/93].
  1996 - Bogyo joined Breeze late in the year. They released their comeback
demo "Higher Love" [12/96] at The Party.

  Higher Love (1996, 28.12, Multifile Demo).
  code: Clarence, gfx: Ollie (main), Cybortech (pic, endlogo), music: Brian,
  Taki/Natural Beat, Peet/ex Chorus. 5th in The Party 96 demo competition.
  review: "Higher Love" is a short little demo with some interesting parts,
  worth mentioning. It opens with some quite amazing hires interlace
  graphics for the introduction sequence, before a few ok effects make up
  the rest of the demo. The ones worth mentioning are a supposedly new
  graphics system/resolution they call "Advanced Hires" (but fail to explain
  just why is so revolutionary), some vector spheres (akin to what was done
  on the amiga in 93, when they were so popular) and finally 400 vectordots
  making up a globe of sorts. They do claim 1000 dots a little later, but
  those look more like lines than dots to me guys...
    The note that accompanies the demo was written in a noter called
  Cadgers-Noter V3.0, done by Clarence/Cadgers. I guess it's fair to assume
  that it's the same Clarence that coded this demo... Music in the note is
  an exclusive tune by Fanta/Bass/Oxyron called "Clarencia". [glenn]