Gridpoint Developments

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Gridpoint Developments (1993-1993)

Gridpoint was formed in may of 1993 by Danish brothers Duke (gfx editor, ex
Dominators) and Dr.Zivago (code gfx). After releasing the first issue of
"The Pulse" in june, they both left the group for Pandora, where all
subsequent issues were released. The group ceased to exist, with only one
release to their credit.

  The Pulse #1 (1993, .06, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Dr.Zivago, gfx: Dr.Zivago (logo), Duke (charset), music: Johannes
  Bjerregaard/independent, editors: Duke (main), Psychobilly/Red Sector
  Inc., Brego/Red Sector Inc.
  review: Remarkably wellwritten, though perhaps a little short, The Pulse
  comes across as a magazine with quality editorial content. It launches you
  straight into the first page of the magazine, with no mucking about, and
  the JB music is also good. The top of the screen is graced with a THE
  PULSE logo that could have been a lot better than it is, but still not
  embarassingly bad. It's standard. But the overal impression of
  this first issue is very good. It's nice to read news that mean anything
  again, not just 'xx joined yy'. Promises lots for the future. [glenn]