Hoaxers (c64)

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Hoaxers (HXS)

NOR> Crite (Morten, 06/89), Nukid (Yngve Spjelavik, swap, 02/92), Rune
     (also in Sunrise, swap, 02/92-early93), Scorpie (swap, 03-07/90),
     Shadow (swap, 07-10/90).

Hoaxers were a norwegian demo group.
  1989 - The group coorganized the IT, Razor 1911, Abnormal, Hoaxers,
Network Gigaparty in june.
  1993 - Rune left his homecity of Trondheim around july to study in the
city of Steinkjer, meaning he would likely get less time for c64 activities
in the future.

  Frantic 2 (Demo).
  info: Late 91 or early 92.