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Holocaust (1990-)

DEN> Exory (mainorg crack, new 07-12/90).
HOL> Dwarf (swap, ex Conflict, old handle Nono, new 08-12/90).
???> Christian (12/90), Dense (ex Tera, new 08/90), EXC (ex X-Out, new
     08/90), Executer (new 08/90), Martin (12/90).

Holocaust was born around july of 1990 by Exory/Unicess, who wanted to have
his own cracking group.
  1990 - EXC/X-Out, Dense/Tera, Nono/Conflict and Executer all joined
around august. Nono simulatenously changed his handle to Dwarf. Dave left
for Tristar late in the year. Dystan and Reconner left to form the group
Trauma, Tiebreak left, and Mendrake left for Raisers, all in december.
Amok's "Sex'n'Crime #21" [12/90] told that Exory had infact recracked
Pulsar's version of "Curse of Ra", and that this was not the only instance
of recracking on his part. They further printed a letter of apology they
had supposedly received from Exory. They also claimed that Exory is
identical to Dystan (who had at that time left the group for Trauma), and
that this was his way of blaming everything on the old handle and starting
over. This 'war' also meant a lot of people left the group around this