Hotline (c64)

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Hotline (HTL, 1986-1992)

HOL> Beerput (crack, 05/90), Harrie (import, 10/87), Lethal (Ron, code, 01-
     05/88), Rico (hol? ex Sphinx, new 12/88), Side (trade, ex Sphinx, new
     12/88-05/90), Sledgehammer (mainorg crack, aka Sledge, 09/87-89), The
     Silver Surfer (code crack, aka TSS, 04/87-09/90), VLA (crack, 05/90).
DEN> Popeye (crack, 04-07/87).
ENG> Airborne (crack, 11/87-12/88), Thargod (12/88).
???> Bambam (hol? crack, 88), Bamboo (code, 10/91), Chuck D. (88), Cesspool
     (hol? crack, 10/91), Custard (hol? code crack, 10/91), Diaree (hol?
     05/90), Henk (88), Marc (ex Sphinx, new 09/89), Panther (88), TMC
     (code crack, 04/87), Trammalant (hol? 05/90), Uncle X (ex Paragon, new
     12/91), Whitesnake (hol? 05/90).

Hotline (originally Hotline 9009, but they lost the numeral pretty quickly),
were a Dutch cracker group; born in august 1986 under the able leadership of
Sledgehammer. They also eventually grew sections in Germany and England, and
were among the biggest early cracking groups. Custard and Cesspool are
brothers. Thanks to Ream for some information!
  1987 - German cracker Coco Industries 2011 left to form Actual Cracking
Entertainment in september.
  1989 - Marc joined from Sphinx around september. Ream (code supply) and
Seal joined towards the end of the year, though Seal left for The Ruling
Company after a month or two. Rico returned to the scene in december.
Englishmen Bod (code crack, 12/88-) and XXX (crack supply, 11/87-) left to
form a new group called Talent, some time between may of this year and early
next year.
  1990 - 3030 and Dynamo were both kicked late may. The Silver Surfer
returned to the scene in september!
  1991 - Uncle X joined from Paragon in december.
  1992 - The group finally died on the 1st of january. Dutch coder and
supplier Ream left for Triad. Dtch member Rob (10/87-) left for Legend. Sid
rejoined F4CG.
  1993 - Sysop Ratman (KINGDOM OF RATS) joined Epic early 93. (Isn't this
group dead?)