Ikari Talent

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Ikari+Talent (I+T, 1989-)

DEN> RCS (swap, ex Bonzai, new early91), Trix (swap, ex Bonzai, new 91).
GER> Joe Cool (ex Paramount, new early91), Maniac (crack, ex Paramount,
     later Elite, new early91), Sting (crack, ex Paramount, later Elite,
     new early91).
SWI> Freestyle (crack swap, ex Fresh, new 12/90-early91).
???> Dave (ex Fresh, new 12/90), Nemesis (crack, ex Dominators, new 12/89).

Boards; WARES CASTLE (usa, 12/90-91), SHEER TERROR (usa, 06/90), NEVER NEVER
     LAND (den, 12/90).

Ikari and Talent opened their cooperation late 1989 - likely november or
december - and stood from that day as one of the strongest cooperations in
the cracking scene. At the time it started, the only members were Doc,
Fletch, Excell (denmark) and Just Ice (england) from Ikari, and Bod and XXX
(england) from Talent.
  It's always hard to separate the members in a cooperation like this, but
where possible I have added member entries to the respective entries for
Ikari and Talent. In some cases, these two groups seem to have merged into a
separate entity, in that members titulate themselves f.ex. 'Fletch of Ikari+
Talent' (Fletch is in Ikari). The cooperation ended sometime during 1991,
and at least Talent continued as a separate entity.
  1989 - Cracker Nemesis joined from Dominators in december.
  1990 - After their American hq THE ADDICTION (12/89-) was closed by the
phone company, they got a new hq called SHEER TERROR in june. They were in
importing partnership with TSM in december.
  1991 - Early in the year, lots happened on the member front. Danish
cracker Excell/Ikari left after problems with Bod/Talent. Three German
Paramount members (Joe Cool, Maniac and Sting) were recruited in late march
or early april, adding two active crackers to the member roster. On the
Danish front, The Duke/The Freaks was recruited in march, but soon moved on
to Dominators as a reaction to the joining of RCS and Trix, who were kicked
from Bonzai. German graphician Gotcha (Dario Krobath, ex Crazy, TALENTMEMB)
left the group after just two months to concentrate on game graphics in