Impulse (c64)

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Impulse (

Impulse was a norwegian demo group, with no relation to the later amiga
group(s) with the same name. Listing of all their demos retrieved from their
  1990 - Dr.Stuff (or Dr.Suffi?) joined Warriors of Time around february.

  Accept (Demo).

  Accept 2 (Demo).

  Agressive (Demo).
  code: Glenn J., gfx/music: n/a.

  Bad Zero (Demo).

  Blood'n'Hell (Demo).
  code: Duck, gfx/music: n/a.

  Bone Hard (Demo).

  Coop with Beyond Force (Demo).
  info: No points for guessing... ;)

  Deadly Illusion (Demo).

  Immortal (Demo).

  Just 4 Fun (Demo).

  Kill 'Em All (Demo).

  Overact (1990, early, Demo).
  info: Duck was one of the producers. In their diskmag "Hotshot #1"
  [03/90], Flash Inc. accused him of ripping his 16-sprite dysp multiplexer
  from their demo "Attraction".

  Overact 2 (Demo).

  Partystyle (Demo).

  Poison (Demo).

  Running Wild (Demo).

  Sausage Hell (Demo).

  Slime (Demo).

  Solostyle (Demo).

  Solostyle 2 (Demo).

  Solostyle 3 (Demo).

  Superjunkie (Demo).

  Splash (Demo).

  Stone Cold (Demo).

  Superious (Demo).

  Bone Harder (1990, 30.06, Demo).
  5th in the Bergen Party demo competition.

  1991 Metres High (1991, Demo).

  Bone Hardest (1991, Demo).