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Legend [old] ([L], http://www.legend64.com)

AUT> Antitrack (Alex, code crack, ex Cosmos, new 08/90-early93), Big Ben
     (Christian Hempel, swap, ex Cosmos, new 08/90).
BEL> Powerplant (Ben, crack, aka PWP, 09/88-09/95), Thunderstruck (swap, ex
     Glasnost/Transcom, new 01/91).
HOL> Rob (ex Hotline, new 01/92).
AUS> Jazzcat (David Simmons, editor, later Onslaught, 08/94).
ENG> XXX (early93).
DEN> Excell (Brian Hansen, code crack, ex Ikari, new 01-09/91), RCS (Rudie
     Jensen, swap, 02/92).
???> Anthrax (ger? supply, 06/90-12/91), Baal (supply, 06-09/91),
     Brainkiller (trade, 01/91), Goldfish (mainorg train, 09/88-01/91),
     Narc (ger? crack, 06/90-early91), Queen (ex Paradize, new 05/93),
     Rebel (crack, ex Illusion, new 08/93), Sensation (ger? 12/91), Skywolf
     (ger? 12/91), TMBC (bel? crack, 10-12/90), Westbam (org supply, 11/92-

Boards; SECOND TO NONE WHQ (usa, also NEC/NEI, 06/90-06/92), WACKY WORLD OF
     WARES (usa, 10/90), SOUTH OF HEAVEN (usa, 06/92), WHITE HOUSE EHQ (den,
     09-12/91), CYBERDOME (ger, also in Epic, 05/93), WORLD WIDE WARES (also
     Excalibur, 06/90).

Legend are a European demo and cracking group, which also released several
issues of the diskmag "Shock". In addition, Jazzcat is editor of the
independent scene mag "Domination".
  1988 - Legend were present at the PCW Show in London in september, where
PWP and Goldfish even released a crack. Wave and Flaoman joined from Orion
in december.
  1990 - Arrogance 'and others' (presumably at least Pyle) joined from
Success in july. Argon left the group to rebuild Success around august. In
august, german cracker Pyle (ex Success) left for Crazy. However, the group
was heavily reinforced when highprofile cracker Antitrack joined with Big
Ben from the deceased Cosmos Design! This also happened in august.
Arrogance (Thorsten) was kicked around september.
  1991 - WOW's "Internal #3" [01/91] said there was rumours that Narc
had been kicked. Brainkiller was busted by British Telecom for phreaking in
january, and was asked to pay a large fine, but will not stop trading.
Belgian swapper Glasnost joined from Transcom, also in january, and soon
changed his handle to Thunderstruck. Danish trio Doc, Fletch and Excell
joined from Ikari in january, so it was certainly an eventful month for the
group! :) They were in importing partnership with NEI in december.
  1992 - Rob joined from the newly-dead Hotline in january. The Basilisk,
sysop of 'GEE SPOT', left the group around february, and will run the board
independently from now on. Released cracks already fixed by NEI with a
common intro in june.
  1993 - Mirage joined Focus early in the year. Germans Hok and A-Man joined
from Arcade, Queen joined from Paradize, Darklord joined from Illusion, Lexi
(crack sysop) joined from Device (or Fairlight?), while Delta was kicked and
Bionomix (supply, 11/92-) quit in may. Westbam got upset about something or
other around june, and subsequently kicked A-Man, Hok, Darklord and Lexi!
Lexi returned to Fairlight, Darklord is undecided about his further steps -
he might leave the scene, or possibly join Red Sector Inc... A-Man (Steven
Diemer, music) and Hok's further careers are unknown at this time. Rebel
(crack) joined in august after getting kicked out of Illusion. Danish
cracking legends Doc and Fletch decided to finally leave the c64 scene in
october, to seek greener pastures on the pc.
  1994 - September news told of crackers Powerplant and Rebel attending
university in the usa, and not being able to work much for the group, and
that despite rumours to the contrary, supplier Atmos is still a Legend
member. They lost 'THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE' (which joined as a whq in november
1992) this month.

Supplier Ziggy joined WOW.