Megastyle Productions

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Megastyle Productions (MSP,

NOR> Brooz (Kristian Mykletun, 06/89-01/96), Cycleburner (Even Scharning,
     code music, ex Contex, new 06/90-01/96), Lizard (Magnar Harestad,
     music, also in TBL [pc/amiga], new 89-02), Rage (Anders Rodahl, 06/89-
     01/96), Scroll (Ruben Spaans, code web, new 88-01/96), Space-Roy
     (01/96), Sur-Price (01/96).
GER> Shok'Ray (Marco Bein, also in Hitmen, 09/95-01/96).


NOR> Crockett (06/89), Drumtex (Vidar Bang), Frode (Frode Loken, old handle
     Price, 12/90), Napoleon (Brynjar Olsen, code), Rotteroy (Roy J.
     Widding), Sleepwalker (Brynar Olsen), Sparkler (Rune Spaans, gfx, new
???> Am-Rum, Gentle-Fox, Hawker, Inzane, Yiare, Vengeance.

MSP were a mainly Norwegian demo group. Thanks to Shokray for information!
(I wanted to reply to you, but the mail bounced!) MSP members are also
behind the retro-cracking label "Lurid and Tricycle".
  1988 - Sparkler and Scroll (who are brothers) joined this year.
  1990 - Play Power (PP) changed his handle to Trade and joined Shape around
february. Dolla was pursuaded to leave in july, and joined Warriors of Time.
Wax and Pee also left this month, to reform their old group Reflex.
  1991 - The group changed its name from Megastyle Inc. (MSI) to Megastyle
Productions (MSP).
  1992 - Brooz and Sleepwalker emigrated to the amiga scene around february.

  Arghhh! (Demo).

  Booze'n'Rockets (Demo).

  Brainstorm (Demo).

  Brainstorm 2 (Demo).

  Brainstorm 3 (Demo).

  Brother In Arms (Demo).

  Coomed (Demo).
  info: Cooperation with The Voice.

  Economic (Demo).

  Fat Oddvar (Demo).

  I'm Norwegian (Demo).

  Kalle Kloakk (Demo).

  Megazine #1 (Diskmag).

  Megazine #2 (Diskmag).

  Piece of Cake 1 (Demo).

  Piece of Cake 2 (Demo).

  Poemz (Demo).

  Ram It Down (Demo).

  The Great Kloakkman (Demo).

  Piece o' Cake 3 (1990, 30.06, Demo).
  code: Scroll, Cycleburner, gfx: Sparkler, music: Cycleburner.
  3rd in the Bergen Party demo competition.
  info: Originally competed in the demo competition at the Bergen Party, but
  only released to the public some time later.

  Seal of Focalor (1992/93?, Demo).
  info: The group's final demo release.