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Mob, The (-1990)

SWE> Bom (write, 90), Depeh (Göran, code gfx editor, 90), Metro (90).

The Mob was a swedish group, likely based around the city of Skövde, where
at least Depeh and Bom lived. The two were responsible for the birth of the
diskmag Explorer. The first issue was release around may of 1990. The second
issue - and subsequent issues - were released under the label of Antic,
where the entire group The Mob had joined as a subdivision since the last

  Explorer #1 (1990, Diskmag).
  INT - code/gfx: Depeh, music: "Mexican Dream" by Mok/Defence.
  MAG - code/gfx: Depeh, music: n/a, editor: Depeh (main), Bom.
  review: "Explorer" is a mag with what seems at first be quite a lot to
  read... But after a small while you realise that all pages are actually
  just 6 lines, and most of them are just announcements of things that will
  come in later issues. It's almost a one-man project, with Depeh doing all
  the coding, graphics and writing (save for one small corner by Bom). The
  magcode is simplistic, with space or joycontrol to progress through the
  pages, and the font is downright irritating. They've tried to be original
  I guess, but any mag really needs a well-readable font.
    So am I totally un-optimistic about this mag then? Well, the magpart
  really needs going over both in terms of its presentation and its content
  (the only real 'article' was an interview with Aaron/Fairlight), but
  perhaps in time this can mature into something. There are sparks of
  promise here and there (mostly in the writing), but it's far from
  realised. Keep writing Depeh, and we'll see what happens =)
    The intro is the best thing about it though, with a MOB logo at the top
  of the screen which changes colors, two THE MOB sprites jumping up and
  down on either side of the screen and a dycp-based scroller. Cool music,
  ripped by Acty/Royalty.
    I have no idea of a release date except it was in 1990. The mag is a
  single 106 block file. [glenn]