Motion (c64) (old)

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Motion [old] (MTN, 1990-1990)

Motion was a finnish demo group, born around february 1990. Thanks to NiM
(formerly Toad) for information and corrections.
  1990 - TMB/Overdrive and Disc/Probe joined around february. Toad (gfx
swap) joined from Fusion, but grew tired of the scene and eventually left
it. He later resurfaced in Censor Design. Motion's coop with Browbeat ended
in july, and (as a consequence?) Motion died this month. Finnish member AMJ
joined Vision, Hawkeye and Stranger (both code, 04/90-) joined Beyond Force.
Italian members Exat and Unicorn joined The Force. Brain and Disc joined
Deathsector. Anvil joined Conflict. Proton and Rock joined Origo Dreamline.
Finnish swapper TMB joined Extasy.

  Ingen Pant (1990, 14.04, Multifile Demo).
  Cooperation with Browbeat [details]