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Motiv8 (M8, 1994-)

DEN> Fresh Prince (swap, 01/96), Iceball (Allan Noer Nielsen, code, 09/95-
     01/96), Mason (09/95-01/96).
GER> Greenfrog (webmaster, 09/95-01/96), TMG (Alexander Joscht, music,
BEL> Clive (Ronny Mesuere, swap, 01/95-01/96).
HOL> Nuke (Peter Staaks, swap, also in XL.C.US, new 01/96).
NOR> TG-Acme (09/95).
USA> Galactus (sysop GALAXY, new 01/96), Grego (09/94-01/96).
???> BinJinx (09/95-01/96), Bird (01/96), Eddie (09/95-01/96), Ibanez
     (code, 09/95-01/96), Larry (gfx, 12/95-01/96), Merlin (09/95-01/96),
     Mizar (09/95), Natas (09/95), Spider (01/96), Stone (09/95-01/96).

Boards; THE DRAGON'S TOWER EHQ (ger, also Laxity and Remember, 09/97), IN
     LIVING COLOR (usa, 12/95-01/96), MOUNT OLYMPUS (den, new 09/94-01/96).

Motiv8 was a cracking group, born in january of 1994. They were based in
Denmark, but with strong foreign sections as well. They released some retro-
cracks under the Motiv8 Quality (M8Q) label.
  1994 - Grego, a resident of Texas, was having problems with the fbi around
september, on charges of software piracy. September brought some internal
problems for the group; first Tricket left and kicked them off 'DOMINIC',
then their leader Crossfire was fired from Pronix Entertainment. Following
this Peacemaker, Racoon, Vortex and Curlin all left the group for Alpha
Flight 1970; Animal left and finally Fresh Prince was busted by at+t for
calling cards (which means he's just swapping from now on) and SMD (gfx)
left for Atlantis. The only ray of light in september was the recruitment of
a new Danish ehq, 'MOUNT OLYMPUS'.
  1995 - Greenfrog opened a www page for the group around september, liklely
the first ever for a c64 group. Ibanez released his tool "Scroll-Writer
V1.0" in december.
  1996 - January saw the recruitment of american sysop Galactus (GALAXY)
from Hardcore and dutch swapper Nuke (who will remain in XL.C.US as his
second group), as well as Fresh Prince's return to active duty for the
  1997 - In december, Crossfire (code crack, 09/95-), Goat, Mendrake and
L.A. Style were all recruited for Fairlight.

Musician MHD (12/95-01/96) is no longer a member.