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NOR> Geir (Geir Tjelta, code music, aka Predator, 89-01/92), Lizard (Magnar
     Harestad, music, 12/93), Trond (Trond Kjetil Lindanger, music, aka
     IQ64, 89-01/92).

Moz(IC)Art was a Norwegian demo group, primarily doing music. The group died
down, but was revived in recent years by Geir Tjelta, exclusively to do a
few tunes for the fabulous THX sound system on the Amiga (though plugins and
a few dedicated players now allow you to play these great tunes on pc's as
well). It appears the group was at one point a subgroup for Paradize.
  1991 - Quite a number of tunes were contributed to Beyond Force's demo
"Anal Intruder" [04/91], released at the Horizon Easter Party.

  Wet Dreams II (1991,22.12, Multiload Demo).
  Released in cooperation with Paradize.