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(C)1993-1995. Conny Cyréus, Christian Cyréus, Jimmy Fredriksson & John Carehag

General Information

MLineII (PC only) will be out soon!
We will also put up an application form for you to reply to if you want the assembler sources for the Amiga version of the program. That way, the ones among you that feel that they can and want to bring out more from one of the coolest programs ever, can contribute with their own expertice and ideas...
- John Carehag - from their website guestbook (Friday June 18th 1999 01:45:13)

Professional level system, up to 8 voices, with VERY elaborated synthetic instruments. Was shareware (US$ 25).

The documentation states that Musicline Editor is an "extremely powerful musiceditor which makes it possible to pull out some never-heard-on-an-amiga sounds by using realtime calulated waveform processing. This is version 1.15 SW and it is totally uncrippled, including everything. Check it out, you won't regret it!" (+ full doc, modules, waves, instruments).

4/8 channels
5 octaves
1024 parts
128 steps maximum part length (flexible)
256 sequencer steps
255 instruments
255 wavesamples
Separate sequencelist for each channel
Realtime part transpose
Separate speed/groove in each channel
127kb maximum sample-size
5 effects per notestep
256 subtunes per module
Flexible instrument structure:
Each wavesample can be used in multiple instruments
16/32/64/128/256 bytes waveform length for realtime effects
Auto glide
Transposable on/off
Envelope (ADSR; Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
Arpeggio (with multiple subeffects)
Realtime waveform effects:
Mix (can be used as a Chorus)
Filter (resonance & normal)
Animation (create a sample of your synthetic sound)
Playloop (put realtime effects on samples, like phasing & pitchshift etc.)
Sample start & end offset
Loop (multiple directions)
Protracker module loading compatible
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