Neoplasia (c64)

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Neoplasia [c64] (NPL)

GER> Findi (Thomas Findeigen, swap, 95), Fireball (Stefan Huebner, code
     music, 07/96), Lupo (David Julitz, swap, 01/95), Scare (Frank Fischer,
     swap, 01/95), Toxic (David Maus, code, 07/96-12/98).
???> Ernie (mainorg gfx, 07/96), Gourment (gfx music, 07/96), Skill (code,
     07/96), St0ff (code music, 12/98-12/03), Viscid (code gfx, 07/96-

Neoplasia is probably a German demo group, under the leadership of Ernie.
They were also previously active making demos on the amiga.

  Felony (1996, 21.07, Multifile Demo).
  code: Toxic, Fireball, Viscid, Skill, gfx: Ernie, Gourment, music:
  Fireball. Released for the Dresden 96 party.
  review: Oh dear. This dreadful IRQ-loaded demo fails miserably mostly on
  the "strength" of its awful soundtrack. There are a few OK effects on
  offer, most notably tha plasma and fire ones, but nothing exceptional
  enough to keep you interested in spite of all. Some of it is just
  meaningless, like scrolling the exact square root of 2 across the bottom
  of the screen (500 decimals :). What the hell is that supposed to do, give
  mathematicians a hard-on? The design also sucks, so there's no helping
  this one. There's a couple of almost-ok logos by Ernie though, making him
  the only one leaving this show with some dignity. This was the group's
  first ever trackmo.
    A selfcoded note is attached (code: Toxic, gfx: Viscid (pic), Ernie
  (char), music: Gourment) that is marginally better than the demo. [glenn]

  8bit Should Be Enough For Everyone (1998, 28.12, Demo).
  code: St0ff (additional), Toxic (additional), gfx: Viscid, music: St0ff.
  6th in The Party 98 demo competition.
  review: Another mediocre demo from NPL, unfortunately... They're going for
  a chuckle on behalf of the pc community here, with a 'start button' on the
  opening screen, a rendition of the classic DOS 'Norton Commander' crossed
  out, etc. The effects are unfortunately not very impressive, with a badly
  rendered tech-plasma, a flame effect and a smaller, dithered plasma at the
  very end. I'm sorry I can't recommend this, even though it did bring a
  small smile to my face, since it's just not... very good. Bear in mind
  that this was probably NOT meant as a very serious production. This small
  demo was also supposedly made to celebrate the group's 1500-day-
  anniversary :) [glenn]