Noice (c64)

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SWE> Amadeus (Daniel, music), Decoder (Jesper Värn, music, 05/93-02/94),
     Doxx (S. Berglund, code music swap, 02-09/94), Joyride (code, 07/00),
     Ratpoison (music, 05/93), Zzap69 (Tobias Svensson, music swap,
???> Devil (code gfx, later F4CG, 05/93-09/94), Draz (gfx, 05/93-02/94),
     Jive (crack, 91), Mazy (05/93), Peace (music, ex Oxyron, new 09/94),
     Poison (gfx, 05/93), Ranger (gfx, 05/93), Scoop (gfx, 05/93), Stasi
     (gfx, 05/93), Swoffa (code gfx, 05/93).

Noice are a mainly swedish demo group, with a few cracks to their name also.
  1992 - Fozzie (gfx music) left for Vision around february. Ranger (gfx)
left for Fairlight in december, but his stay was probably short, as he is a
confirmed member of Noice again in may 93.
  1993 - Swedish graphician Poison left early this year. Rumours say that
the entire group joined Triad early 93, but that is probably false.
  1994 - The month of september brought the recruitment of Peace/Oxyron
(music), the release of Devil's graphics editor "Drazlace V1.0" and also the
dismissal of finnish swapper Sandman (who had a double membership in Utopia
to fall back on). They expressed high hopes that Ablaze (gfx) would return
  1995 - Motion (swap trade), who was kicked some time back, finally teamed
up with Chromance around september.

  Digital Dreams (1992, 19.04, Demo).
  Released for the Easter Party 92 demo competition.

  Imse Vimse Get (1993, 30.05, Demo).
  code: Devil, Swoffa, Mazy, gfx: Draz, Swoffa, Stasi, Scoop, Poison,
  Ranger, music: Ecoder, Ratpoison.
  4th in The Computer Crossroads 93 demo competition.