North East Crackers/Importers

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North East Crackers/Importers (NEC/NEI)

USA> Grim Reaper (code crack fix, 02/91-12/92), Horizon (code crack,
     11/90-12/91), Mr.Brownstone (05-12/91), Murdock (11/90-12/91),
     Technique (01/91), The Dominant One (aka TDO, 11/90-02/91).

Boards; SOUTH OF HEAVEN (usa, 11/91-12/92), THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE (usa, 12/92),
     REIGN IN BLOOD WHQ (09-10/91).


USA> Archmage (11/90), Butcher (Jimmy, trade, 11/90-02/91), Death Merchant
     (gfx, 03/90), Defiance (11/90), Guardian (code, 03/90), Prodigy (supply
     sysop TERMINAL OBSESSION, supports Censor, 11/90-06/91), Sir Cyro
     (05-12/91), Tall Man (02/91).

Boards; SHANGRALI (usa, new 07/91), THE DISC SHOPPE (USA, 03-11/90), SECOND
     TO NONE (USA, 03/90-01/91), ELECTRIC WAREZ (USA, 03/90), ETERNITY (USA,

NEC/NEI were an American group originally started by Horizon, who spent most
of their time importing European releases to the USA, and fixing them for
ntsc. Were in cooperation with the the europeans in Legend and Genesis
Project (10/91).
  1991 - The group was in importing partnership with Action in january.
Hitmen's "ViNews #3" [01/91] accused Horizon of ripping Mirage's crack of
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", essentially just replacing their intro with