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Nostalgia (NO,

SWE> Zyron (mainorg code, 08/97-12/03).
NOR> 6R6 (code crack, 00-12/03).
AUT> Antitrack (crack support, 11-12/03).
USA> Fungus (Scott Brockway, code crack fix, also in Creators, 10/02-02/04).
CAN> Vizz (code fix, new 10/03-02/04).
???> Jedi (supply, new 06-12/03), Mr.Alpha (org supply, 98-12/03), Scare
     (support, 11-12/03), Sorex (code crack, 12/03), S!R (crack, 11-12/03),
     TMR (code gfx webmaster, 11-01/04).


???> B.A. (crack, 98-12/00), H-Bloxx (supply, 05/97), Midfit (crack fix,

Nostalgia is a group dedicated to retro-cracking, but also with the odd
demorelated release. The group is run by Zyron, with Mr.Alpha second-in-
command. The group was previously known as 'The Remembers', but since
changed their name to Nostalgia. Without doubt their most profiled member
must be 6R6, the cracker who is rivalled only by Jack Alien/Remember in his
retrocracking productivity ;) There is currently three inactive members;
Danzig (crack fix), Didi (code crack, 05-09/97) and Zapotek (swap).
  2003 - "SIDBurners #6" was released in june, and at the same time it was
announced that Jedi and Honesty had joined the group. Mad Max (crack fix
supply) joined in july. "SIDBurners #7" was released in september, and soon
after Honesty left the group again. In October Vizz (code fix) joined the
group. Two games were released on the 22th (#131-#132), and at the same time
it was announced that Dandee (supply, 08/97-) had left the group. Christmas
eve (the 24th of december) saw the release of the music collection
"Sidburners #8", the final one in the series. Another batch of game releases
(#133-#140) came out on the 28th to round off a successful year.
  2004 - The year started with the kicking of Mad Max for recracking in
early january.

  SIDBurners #6 (2003, 15.06, Music Collection).

  SIDBurners #7 (2003, 03.09, Music Collection).

  SIDBurners #8 (2003, 24.12, Music Collection).