Onslaught (group)

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Onslaught ([O], 1995-, http://www.onslaughters.org)

AUS> DJB (Dwayne Bakewell, old handle Morbid, 09/95-03/03), Jazzcat (David
     Simmons, org crack supply edit, 09/95-03/03), Vengeance (Matthew
     Mchugo, org crack swap, 09/95-03/03).
ENG> Regi Keyz (Richard O'Regan, code music, also in Breeze, 10/03).
NOR> GRG (code music, also in Shape, 03-10/03).
SWE> Macx (swap, 03-10/03).
FIN> SounDemon (Otto Järvinen, code music, 08/02-01/04).
SPA> Almighty God (Domingo Alvarez, 03-10/03), AMB (Alex Martin, music,
YUG> Da'Funk (Dejan Subotin, music, 03-10/03).
POL> Leming (Alexander Marchwiak, music, 03/03), Praiser (Wojciech
     Wardynski, music, 08/02-03/03), Shapie (Tomasz Loga, gfx music,
USA> Fungus (03/03), Trouble (sysop DEAD ZONE, ex Excess, 09/95-03/03).
???> BA (03-09/03), Booker (03/03), Deev (gfx, 03-04/03), Fade (gfx, 03-
     10/03), Intensity (gfx music, also in Cosine and ROLE, 03-10/03), Jolz
     (code, 09/95-10/03), Kickback (03/03), Naphalm (03/03), Scratcher
     (03/03), Slator (03/03), Stash (03/03), TMM (code gfx music, 01/96-
     03/03), TMR (03/03), Ultimate Hacker (03/03).

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 03/03) -

AUS> Gop (Brian Reid, music, 09/95-01/96), Shades (code, 09/95-01/96), TBH
     (Marc Walters, 02).
GER> Bizarre (swap, 09/95-01/96), Ramirez (ex Hardcore, new 01/96).
POL> Pete (gfx, also in Chromance, 09/95), Rap (Raphael Bratkowski, music,
SWE> Joyride (sysop 'HIGHWAY', ex Chromance, new 09/95), Vodka (gfx, also in
     Fairlight, 07/00).
HUN> Cubehead (Gábriel Mucsányi, music, 09/95).
???> ASV (09/95-01/96), Code 18 (01/96), Deekay (gfx, 09/95-01/96), Digahole
     (01/96), Donar (01/96), Doom (09/95-01/96), Grafee (01/96), Grize
     (09/95-01/96), Hardsequencer (Sascha Herbrig, gfx, 09/95-04/97),
     Heavyhead (09/95-01/96), Homeboy (ex Chromance, new 09/95), Jayce
     (09/95), KBS (09/95), Kinley (01/96), L.A.Style (09/95), Marcus
     (09/95), Meff (01/96), Ministry (crack, 95), Morrisey (09/95-01/96),
     Mr.Brain (01/96), Ram Jam (01/96), Shocker (ger? swap, ex Hardcore, new
     01/96), Sphere (09/95-01/96), Stake (ex Chromance, new 09/95), The Last
     Hacker (09/95), The Twins (09/95-01/96), The Unholy (fix, also in
     Demonix, new 01/96), Witty (01/96).

Boards; SANITARIUM (ger, 09/00), DOWN BY LAW WHQ (usa, 09/95-01/96), THE
     PIRATE ISLAND EHQ (ger, 95), WESTPOINT (den, 09/95-01/96).

Onslaught is an australian-based demo group, seemingly mostly focused on
releasing some of the world's best diskmags, like "Vandalism News" and
"Domination". Jazzcat and Vengance are the leaders. The group was formed in
  1995 - Dodger (previously in Dytec) and Shok'Ray (inofficial member,
previously in Sorcerer, Dreamlover...) left for Hitmen around september
while Pete joined Chromance as a second group. Homeboy and Stake decided to
end their double memberships in Chromance, and took swedish sysop Joyride
('HIGHWAY') with them. Baze (swap, formerly of Illusion) got kicked out for
inactivity. The cooperation with Hardcore ended late this year. After
getting the board DEAD ZONE from Excess around september, the board was
unfortunately blacklisted shortly after.
  1996 - The Unholy joined in january (but only as a second group; Demonix
will remain his focus) in order to help the group fix their releases. Also
in january, Ramirez and Shocker from their previous partners Hardcore
joined, and Bizarre got caught for abusing a german vmb, and will reportedly
face a fine of no less than $20.000!
  2003 - Deev contributed a picture for Oxyron's "Attitude #5" [04/03]
intro part.

  Onslaught Tools #1 (1995, early, Tool compilation).
  code: Shades, gfx: Cupid/XTC^Across (logo), music: n/a, editor: Vengeance.
  review: This was apparently thrown together in an evening, and given that
  they've done a damn good job of it. Sure, the menu is simple, but it looks
  good and it gets the job done. And that logo sure is quite OK. And most
  importantly, they offer a varied and interesting selection of tools. Not
  all of them are the very latest, but in most cases they are some of the
  best for their work. It's quite obvious they've used these tools
  themselves, and included the best - from their own viewpoint. Nice.

  Vandalism News #23 (1995, .09, Diskmag).

  Rage (1998, 08.11, Demo).
  Winner of the Satellite 98 demo competition!

  Vandalism News #38 (2002, 01.06, Multifile Diskmag).
  INT - code: Krill, gfx: Jailbird, music: Fanta.
  MAG - code/gfx/music: n/a, editors: The Vengeance, Jazzcat, Wrath Designs.
  Cooperation with Wrath Designs.

  Vandalism News #39 (2002, 13.08, Multifile Diskmag).
  INT - code: SounDemon, gfx: Dane/Crest (bordergfx), Britelite/Dekadence
        (8x16 font), Vengeance (8x8 font), music: Praiser.

  X-Mas Card (2002, .12, Demo).
  production: Shapie.

  Vandalism News #41 (2004, 28.02, Diskmag).
  Released at Floppy 2004. Cooperation with Wrath Designs.
  info: The mag comes spread over two disksides.